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Saturday, 1 October 2022

Today And Yesterday’s Hate Crime

Awwwww - isn’t that sweet!?

But… via the Late Uncle Bob:

“The average black IQ in America is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79, which is considered mild mental retardation in white people. The average IQ subSaharan blacks is 65…”

Blab is full of haters (a lot of them are prolly fake FBI honey pots)… but … hell’s bells. At what point do ya eff off with the virtue signalling and concede to race realities? 40% of those guys are too dumb to hold a mundane job! Yesterday, on video, a little old white lady was 6 months away from retirement as an ambulance worker. Out of the blue…some black baboon walked up and started stabbing her in the chest - because she was there. Other pavement apes walked by and ignored it as if nothing was amiss. Every day moronic liberals tell us to ignore stuff like this, and turd brained conservatives go merrily along.  

But I shout at clouds and fedpoast, I guess. Forgive me. There is only one race…the HUMAN race!



  1. Part of the way we process things is to make assumptions: every snake is dangerous down here until proven otherwise. When we had chickens, I walked out at night to lock them in, and there was a bleeding snake.... RIGHT THERE!!!!! I hot footing it back in to get the snake killing device, and my son ran out with me... It turned out to be a ball python, about 4 feet long. Someone's pet that got out. It was a copperhead until it wasn't.

    That's how we are able to survive. You assume the worst until proven wrong. EVERY ONE does it. Ever heard the term "white devil"? I have, and it was used as an opener. We all do it. Most of us don't act on our assumptions unless they prove correct. If the current trend continues, that may be subject to change..... without warning.... Not happy times....

    1. EXACTLY! 👍

    2. i assume guarded stance with all dogs and people no matter the color

  2. The prophecy concerning the last days declares that " Nation shall rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom ". That Greek word translated into English is Ethnos . Ethnic group . Welcome to the last days amigo . But we are all one blood from two original people . Made from dirt . Dirt people .

  3. So I'm headed northbound to Sylvania, yeah? And to pass the time I tune in to NPR (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and the talking head starts lecturing about the public school system, which in Ohio is generally the pits.

    It seems that some years back the public schools reacted to demand for advanced classes in math, English, physics, and other hard science classes. So far, so good. After a few years some genius pointed out that these classes were not diverse.

    Diverse how? Not enough tall kids, not enough fat kids, not enough smart kids... not enough Inuit kids, not enough stupid kids - yeah, that last. There weren't enough black kids in the program. The Asians, by the way, didn't count because they all spoke flawless English and got Ays and, rarely, Bees in the advanced classes. The occasional wetback didn't count either, because - well, just because.

    So, since none of the blacks could qualify for the advanced classes, the only thing to do was lower the bar. And they did that.

    Ah, but then there were problems. The blacks were failing the advanced classes, so to get them to pass we had to decrease the complexity of the material, but that defeated the entire purpose of the advanced classes. Now what?

    The school system was afraid of being called racist, by parents, by the press, by some of the teachers (who were black), and by the other teachers who were ashamed of being white, so - they canceled the program. No more advanced classes.

    The last time my I.Q. was measured I was accused of cheating. No, I'm not kidding; it happened in elementary school, and it was due to having an outstanding vocabulary and, to a lesser degree, sitting around and listening to adults talk - politics, government, etc. Given all that, I was never in any advanced classes, mainly because High School teachers hated me. No, I'm not kidding, and I'm not exaggerating, and I haven't been drinking. Yet.

    Now we don't have any classes for the smart kids, but I gather Hillsdale College is correcting that by opening a few charter schools and offering a classic education. I guess we'll be hearing more about that as time goes on.

    Any questions, get a copy of The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (A Free Press Paperbacks Book) Part of: A Free Press Paperbacks Book by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, published January 10, 1996. Give it a read.

    1. IQ studies really require caution. I had the same issue as a tot. I was ranking with genius level savant and prodigy kids. The egg heads were astounded. I whole bunch of us cropped up in the late 60s and a lot of kids scored even higher than I did - we’re talking about functional retards like Jack, Quartermain, Pete and Cederq…and the academics were floored.

      It turned out that we were the first batch of kids exposed to educational TV. Some of us were even reading at grade two levels before spending a day in school. It was so bad that the childhood clinical psychologists had to scrap the IQ tests that year, and devise new ones…and that was a huge undertaking.

      Of course the same thing happened again for the first kids of the computer generation.

    2. Child IQ is a real thorny issue. I once read a fascinating account of a child psychologist researcher exploring the effects of the computer on children’s learning.

      He loaded up a computer, a mountain of satellite communication gear, and tech experts - and went to some godforsaken fly blown desolate village in third world Chitholistan. He set up in the centre of the village, turned on the computer, and played Pac Man. Then he pushed away and let the kids play. The village kids were astounded. “Show us how to work the computer and play other games!” they howled. Our intrepid doctor hauled out a pad and a pen and said, “No.”

      He studied the kids as they taught themselves how to use the machine. One day the kids wake up, and the Doctor has the computer linked in via satellite. And he’s talking to Ginderjit over in Trashcanistan. “Show us how talk to Ginderjit!!!” They howled.
      “No,” he replied. Of course, when they vapour locked and stalled…he made notes, and would give them only enough info for them to sort themselves out. Soon they were talking to every mudflap in the third world. In short order the language barrier came up. “Teach us English!” They howled! “No,” he replied! The kids used the internet to teach themselves to read, write and speak English. Their parents were astounded. It snow balled from there. The kids in chitholistan learned of a viral child internet star named Kiko in Japan. They had to learn Japanese to understand her songs and play the same games she did. Their intellects exploded overnight. But… those were pakies. I noticed no one has ever attempted this experiment for blacks.

      I have held “public educators” in the deepest contempt ever since. It is my conviction (as it was Uncle Bob’s) - that public schools should be burned to the ground with their teachers trapped inside.

    3. ...whole bunch of us cropped up in the late 60s and a lot of kids scored even higher than I did - we’re talking about functional retards like Jack, Quartermain, Pete and Cederq…and the academics were floored.

      Primis, Jack is a dysfunctional retard. Any other classification will ruin his disability benefits.

      Secundo, child IQ is not a thorny issue; the results of the standard IQ test are about six miles past thorny; they're a mine field.

      Just imagine a parent - teacher conference where you, a socially conscientious public servant is forced to explain in a kind, considerate, and sensitive way that this couple's child is a borderline idiot with a violent, malicious disposition, and actually belongs in a cage, but living in the culture we have, he'll do better in a special education class. And, by the way, if you haven't noticed, he bites.

      Most kids will be average, which means the public servant gets to smile and tell the parental units that their offspring should work harder on learning to play well with others - or something.

      A few will be above average, which means the interview with the parents will last about five minutes.

      There's also the one we dread, the budding genius. He's always done with his assignments before everyone else, he reads quietly, and obviously bored out of his mind. Eventually he'll do something creative involving chemistry and combustion chambers.

  4. We've gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching remedial english in college.
    There's no way out but through.

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