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Friday, 14 October 2022

Via The Pished Off Patriot


In nature, even the dumbest critters
will take the point.

It’s an excellent point. In nature, the herds, prides, packs, and tribes take the hint and move to exclude these things from their territory and activities because they can literally get individuals and the young - killed. If that happens often enough, the herd gets severely weakened. Today we feed our children to these things. Trannies, queers, and pedos are pretty much all the same thing. I wonder what’s next for our little ones in schools? There was a mom on Blab the other day railing about the local school putting on a “family friendly Transvestite Day” or some goddamned thing. One wonders if “family friendly scorpion petting zoos” are next for the little ones. My advice to the young parents is to pull your kids out of public schools. Those things are now human landfills. The good public educators don’t give a damn about your kid, and the bad ones sexually disturbed or sexual predators. Add in the drugs, the noggers and vibrants, the marxists… that’s the kind of village Hillary Clinton wants to raise your child.


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  3. Well if it Says Family Friendly right there on the flyer, it's Gotta BE family friendly, right? How many dingbats buy That?? Apparently quite a few.