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Thursday, 20 October 2022

Voating Your Way Out: Oot And Aboot


Ol' Blighty is about to show us how it's done.  All ya need is a strong, empowered woman at the helm and the force of her political correctness will do the rest! Lizzie addressed the crippling problem of white men in gubbimint in her first couple a days. A real conservative all the way through, eh?

Oh. Wait. She just resigned.

Well! Who'da seen that one coming? In America, a senile old pedophile is in virtually the same boat Lizzie was. In Fwance and Canada, fwench faggots caper and dance for an increasingly hostile citizenry. The cans won't kick any further down the road. In all cases, there are only more clowns to choose from to replace the current crop of moronic fakes. As their citizens begin to suffer, the only option the gubbermint has to keep order is violence. Great minds think alike, and that other stinking dissident troublemaker - The Z Man - agrees.

Here in Canada we will probly be alright. I just got $200.00 for free!!! Because I love the environMINT so much!!! Thanks Mr. Prime Minister!!! I will be sure to voat for you in the next election

BEEEEEEEEEELCCCCHHHHH!!!  Sure, I'll have another beer, thanks. It's 8:30 in the morn and I am behind schedule, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Well thank goodness the war in the 'Kraine is going well...

Oh. Wait

We've gone from certain Ukranian victory to possibly having to stop those eeeeeeeevil Russians in Warsaw? That was fast! Meh. Ya never know. I personally think the danger is that Poland, certainly Germany, are ultimately going to give the EU, NATO, and the US the finger and side with Vlad of their own accord. Probly in the next month and a half as they start freezing to death. Israel is now refusing to send weapons to the 'Kraine, Fwance looks like it will be next... and my prediction is that the Kraine collapses in the next month and a half, and that the usual suspects will be standing around looking stupid as they try and figure out how to distance themselves from this gong show.

The hell of these problems isn't with our leaders. It's with us - and I lump myself in with this. Our leaders are clowns, every single one of them in the west. The free bread and circuses are great... but clown shows get old fast - especially when its YOUR fate and future they are fumbling with. But Turdo had dreamy hair, Trump was an orange Hitler, Macron screws lonely old unwanted cat ladies, and Lizzie has a vagina... and you and I sat on our hands while the monkeys danced, and morons emptied the coffers to throw coins at them. 

Nobody is laughing at the clowns anymore, and we are in for a world of hurt, and we all deserve it.


  1. Well, the Russians and Germans do have a history of signing non-aggression pacts with each other.

  2. Yeah, too much fun. Europeans kill each other in wholesale lots about every fifty years. They are past due for another blood letting. I read this am that maybe the war in Uke is the point. It's about grinding them down to dirt, not about winning, but plowing the ground. That's something no one else has ever mentioned. It makes sense.

    There is a line in the Z-man's analysis that rings true to me. The betters can play 8 dimension chess to get themselves rich, but when things go against them politically, they are like wounded animals. They can't think clearly, and lash out at the first thing they can. THAT explains so much, and does so succinctly.

    Thanks for the brain food today, GF. Lots to chew on.

  3. They never wanted Lizzie anyway. They wanted the brown fellow from Pakistan.

  4. I'm no looker but she looks like an overgrown Chucky.
    This is the first time I've had the misfortune to see it.
    Demoralization is what they want, do not give it to them.

  5. Ukraine is only the opening move by the BRIC nations against the West. Russia is going to get us to use all the ammo and money up and come February China will take over by invading Taiwan. The second tier thinks it is their time to take charge and considering what idiots our own people vote for they are probably right.

  6. Or from another angle the World Economic Forum manages to get two of the most nationalistic nations to batter each other into the dustbin of history? Let's YOU and HIM fight?

    They openly want depopulation and "You'll own nothing and be happy". Nothing like war, starvation, grid down and social destruction (antifa on steroids, Kill the Boers stuff) to reduce a once powerful nation into ragged rubble.

    The useful idiots in the District of Criminals and EU are but the rats looting the place before everything gets crushed? Build back better
    and all that.

    Big Circle things, I watch them and listen to their projecting what THEY are going to DO when they Accuse the OTHERS (Genocide step what, othering people) are going to do.

    Small circle things. Got firewood, wood stove, chimney cleaned and so on so WHEN, Not IF the lights go out you and yours are still warm?

    Famine wars are near, got plenty of no refrigeration-freezer food stored away. They want you dead or enslaved.

    Pray for wisdom and act on it.

  7. The motherWEFers have lost control of their BS narratives, the masks are down, all of their bug-eating, vaxx killing, warmongering, crops killing, energy fucking-with: the normies are finally looking around saying WTF, things getting more chaotic daily. We are legion, they are few, and they WILL lose. But we have to go thru the BIG UGLY now to get to endgame, and iits gonna be rough.
    The readership here will all be fine, prepped mentally and physically to the degree we each can be, but man the shit going on. These vile motherfuckers voted 15-0 to add the kill shot to kids routine vaxs.
    If this doesn't wake folks up I dont know what will