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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Ya Feelin’ LUCKY, Filthie?

 It’s the ol’ Toilet Roll Roullete game that goes on in every stubfart’s washroom: do I replace the empty TP roll with a new one? Or do I walk away.. and laff when some other poor soul finishes their business and finds themselves in dire need of TP? Sure - it’s a riot when ya see or hear Quartermain or Cederq waddling around and cursing with their pants around their ankles as they frantically search for a fresh roll…but it sucks when it is you, yourself, that has to do that hideous Dance Of Shame, because you outsmarted yourself an it’s you that becomes the butt of your own prank. I have shot myself in the arse this way more than a few times, and am still conflicted as to how to properly handle this important issue. Is the payoff worth the risk? 

Errrr… what am I supposed to be talking about again?

Ah. Yes - the Thunderbox Toilet Roll Of Bloggers… only the best blog roll on the innernet! Only the wisest sages (and sagettes) are on that famed and hallowed list. 

But… the innertoobs seem to be hellbent on censoring and cancelling any form of talent and/or intellect. We see this with the cancellation of the Bitter Centurion, and possibly the Intrepid Reporter. Note to those guys - if or when you set up shop again… please let me know and I will post the new links. If the road between us has parted…for whatever reason… it was a pleasure walking with you, and I hope your paths are good ones, and that ours may cross again.

Having said all that… gosh… there is so much talent out there. I am going to start adding more voices that should have been up there long ago. The first is one of many that I hope will follow:

75 Million Pissed Off Patriots

Harrrruuuummmpfpfpffff! A very interesting piece about improvised concealed knife carry? Some interesting insights into mutant behaviour patterns too! 

When it comes to knives, my theory is to use the proper tool for the job. I’d have a big Rambo knife for baton-ing firewood and bush crafting, a mid-size knife for small camp chores, and a stropped little Kershaw folder for skinning and small precision jobs. I tend to avoid mutants and the places they coagulate … so the knife he selected for the job intrigues. The concept of a “pocket fixed blade” is sheer genius, as is the improvised sheath for it. The entire notion has merit; hopefully those that dare mutants on a regular basis will weigh in on the concept? 

Just looking at it from the perspective of the chit house leather worker…I think that sheath might be improved upon a bit…but for an on the spot improvisation? Brilliant!

Onto the blog roll he goes…!


  1. Wow.... Thanks a bunch, Filthie! I will make sure to reciprocate.

  2. The Great Leap Potato12 October 2022 at 12:03

    In the New Man utopia toiler paper dealers in Aqualung trench coats will have TP for your bunghole.
    It will usually be a luxury reserved only for the indispensable managerial class apparatchiks who will deliver 1000 years of glorious victories...for me to poop on.

  3. Get an inexpensive ceramic kitchen knife that comes with a small plastic sheath to carry on you when you visit places with metal detectors, but want to have some sort of weapon on you.

  4. Anon, thank you. I never even thought....

    I usually keep a skinner on me when oot and aboot. If the situation warrants, a quick push up the forearm of the foe will inhibit his gripping with that hand. And it'll give the doctor something to talk about for a few years. Even a push through the wrist bones will make a difference. It's my backup to flap leather if someone want's to 'borrow' the hardware.

  5. A rock in a sock to the side of the head is more effective.

    1. I have a really hard time walking on rocks in my sox...

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  7. We solved the Toilet Roll Roullete game with one of these: