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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

The Filthie Romantic


Humpday Hawken


What Is It…?

Whatever it is… I WANT IT!!!

Well, Well Well…


Oops. One thing about having women for leaders: the blabber-mouths
and gossips will make keeping any secrets impossible!

My Russian friends have been busy. All this in…what? Just over half a year? Europe is beginning to freeze, and their economies are imploding. Millions of Ukrainian refugees are are being dumped on populations that have no jobs or industry.

How many names are on the Vietnam war memorial? 58,000 and change? How many lives lost in the forever wars in the last 40 years? The Ukes are on track to lose twice that in less than a year. 

A year ago Pete and I were in Starbucks drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. Pete and Mary are shitlibs but they at least try to be respectful of other opinions. When this war opened up they were all in for the Kraine. They were happily exclaiming about how Judmilla and Nestor would pot Russian soldiers with their shiny new AK47s and compost them in the garden. The Russians were all stupid, drunks, their equipment was junk, Putler was insane and he was going to pay!!!

I replied at the time that if they started this war the Ukes would lose, badly. And - they’d deserve it. Well, things heated up and Pete started blustering about how Poland would intervene. I just laughed. I’ve seen figures of around 20,000 dead Polish soldiers so far in this thing too. Is that part of the 100,000? Or on top of that? We may never know. The rest of the discussion went badly. And of course today all I can say is “I told ya so!!!!”… and that is better left unsaid. Like most shitlibs…anyone that disagrees with them is either stupid or evil. When they turn out to be right…why, that’s even WORSE! We still speak but Pete and Mary avoid current events discussions like the plague. As they damned well should - at this point they proved they have neither the intellect or the information to discuss it intelligently.

The hell of it is Pete and Mary aren’t morons. I don’t get it. He’s an engineer, she’s got a college and university education…and yet neither of them will learn anything from this. When this ends badly, they will sit around looking stupidly at one another and wonder how it happened. Then the media will concoct some obviously fake and gay narrative filled with flaws and lies… and it’ll be on to the Next Current Thing. And those 120,000 dead…will be forgotten. At best, there might be some iconic, symbolic photo that might come out of all this - like that one of the Marines raising the Stars n Stripes on Iwo Jima…or the that black and white one from Vietnam where the clipper is shooting an NVA gook in the head with a revolver.

I saw a vid yesterday that could nicely represent this conflict the same way… the Russians had just smoked a Ukrainian APC and took it out with a direct hit. Afterward they were retrieving the bodies inside, or what was left of them. They came out in chunks of shredded meat…you couldn’t even tell they’d once been humans. Their uniforms were charred tatters with the unit patches either burnt or caked in dried blood. The guys were carefully putting the chunks in a garbage bag.

It won’t be much longer, thank God. 

From FILTHIE’S Comic Book Stash

 This was probably one of the WORST comic books available back in the early 70’s. In terms of literary merit.. Magnus was probably right up there with Rocket Robin Hood or maybe The Mighty Hercules. Quartermain and the cool kids would have pitched him in the garbage without a second thought! As a wee Filthster… I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But… waste not, want not, eh? The prestigious Thunderbox Library accepts and appreciates all pulp and paper donations!

How Did These Ever Go Out Of Style


Shut it. I don’t want to hear it! The first tard to make rude jokes about my crocs dies. But these boots right here would be just perfect for motorcycle duty. I have chaps for the big road bike but don’t use them. I love leather but for motorcycle work it just sucks. It’s cold in early spring and late fall. It soaks through in rain. It’s murder in high summer when temps hit 30C or more.

A super high top boot though…? Something like that would be awesome…

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Today’s Hate Crime

 CAUTION: Chit poasts like the one below the cut can cause undue hateyness, and make you literally worse person than Adolph Hitler. This blog takes no responsibility for any murders, genocides, holocausts, holodomors, ice cream socials or boogaloos that may arise from viewing this material. This is a work of political humour and satire; any resemblance to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.


 An evil rat, Dr. Petersden? Why, exactly...? 

Elon Musk is gonna make a fortune with twitter. 
You heard it here first!

I actually like Jordan. He tends to try to be intellectually honest, tries to be objective, and he will not back down to his fellow liberals that would try to intimidate and silence him. But... this is a fair question. Peterson is one of the few liberals that can perceive God but can't accept or explain His presence. It's fascinating to see him tie himself up in semantic knots as he struggles with it. He is on the right track but obviously fears where it leads.

And - this needs to be answered honestly and openly. Else, the rivalries and animosities that are driving it will only get worse. People are starting to notice stuff like this. Why are you evading the question, Dr.? Do you fear the answer to that one too...?

Down The Memory Hole

Yesterday I got roped into a day with mom. I had no choice; if I wanted to visit Pop…I’d have to put up with her. πŸ˜‚

She’s playing Covid again and is going after me to get jabbed and wear a mask and I just told her to stop it because it wasn’t going to happen. In the Norwood rehab hospital I wore my mask past the staff, and took it off when I sat down with Pop. Mom flipped out and started scolding and I just ignored her and started razzing Pop. They’ve got him moving with a walker now and he is gaining strength and improving. The other geriatrics get along great and I’ll bet Pop will miss them when he finally comes home. He has the onset of dementia, a cancerous mass in his lungs…and he’s 81. He’s high mileage and you have to expect these things at this point.

On the way home I got the Covid bullshit in the ear again. For extra punishMINT…I had to take mom shopping. When we went into the store she left her mask in the truck! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! I zipped my lip and didn’t say anything - she’d finally shut up about it and that was good enough for me.


I decided this morn that I’d send mom an old OyTube where the city council of Edmonton were on video, trying to come to grips with Covid and formulate some policies. They got Roger Hodkins on long distance for a conference call. The man was brief and curt - he introduced himself: former chairman of the Royal Canadian College Of Physicians. President of a biotech company that supplied hospitals with consumables like gloves, masks, needles, etc. Cambridge PhD in pathology and histology - he was basically a credentialed expert in virology, immunology and transmissible disease. The Edmonton city council were actually talking to exactly the right people for intelligent advice on how to deal with the problem.

Ol’ Rog tears into them and calls them out on their incompetence. He explained how flu bugs propagate. He explained why masks and social distancing can’t work. Then he explained the various hoaxes involved with the scam, and reamed them out for needlessly panicking the citizenry and turning the flu into a political weapon. He raged about the loss of integrity for the medical institutions this would cause. Then they all said goodbye…and the city councillors stared at each other, looking like idiots. Then the mayor recovered and they all went on as if nothing had happened! It was like the man hadn’t spoken at all! No matter! Edmonton’s city council was on the job! They’d get the best people on the job to protect all Edmontonians from the Evil Covid Monster!!!

If a picture says 1,000 words… a video says 1,000,000. When I was a boy and the media was still capable of journalism…something like this would have been called a “scoop”. Every news outlet would have been on it like ugly on an ape!

I figured if I could get mom to watch it, she’d finally stop being such a stupid bitch about it. So I do a web search looking for it… and the vid disappeared. There’s lots of stuff there where the Usual Suspects accuse Dr. Hodkins of lying. Hmmmmmmm. Journalists and editors and publishers are the real medical experts I guess? Others say, “Oh…the doctor never really said Covid was a hoax! He just misspoke!!!” The former Chairman of the College Of Physicians was a quack…and the jews and faggots of the media are the real experts!

If the vid is out there…I am going to have to dig to find it. In the real world… if mom DID watch it…it’d be the same for her as it was with the Edmonton city councillors - in one ear, out the other. The old bint isn’t the least bit concerned about the virus; she is obsesses with the social and moral leverage it gives her to torment other people with. Who’s the dummy here? Mom for her Covidmania? Or her idiot son for thinking he could change her mind with science and expertise? HAR HAR HAR!!!

Covid is a political, obedience and intelligence test…and I failed in all of them! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Just a warning: they are going to be pushing the seasonal flu shots soon. Ya might wanna take a pass on those too this year. 


Tuesday Rude Jokes, Inappropriate Jocularity, And Ignorameum


Christmas Suggestion


If I had grandkids… I’d go down to Home Despot and pick up enough sheet metal for a good sand-filled BB trap. Then I’d go to the toy store and pick up a couple small bags of green plastic army men…and I’d set ‘em up in that sand box for Christmas morn…

Or maybe if the kids were older I could hand off a couple of my .22’s… but I suppose people don’t do that anymore…

Monday, 28 November 2022

Feeling Lucky, Punk?

I know what you’re thinking, dirt bag! “Did the Filthie Girl Watcher poast a pic of a pretty goddess? Or a great big fat, sweaty she-boon or green haired plaid clad land whale? You look like a gambling man to me… Well? Are ya feeling lucky…? Make your mistake!!!


The Perfect Monday Martini


Makes Ya Wonder How Deep That Rabbit Hole Goes…


At this point I have no sympathy at all for anyone. Even my own family. When you start believing in viruses that can propagate by magic, and that it can be warded off with masks and talismans and rituals…you’ll believe anything.

Darwin and Murphy are culling the herd. I may not like it and object to their choices but it doesn’t count for squat at the end of the day. They will take airline pilots and babies alike and fairness will have nothing to do with it. Survival is a crap shoot sometimes. 

Murdering My Inner Romantic

 And that, my friends… is why the North American woman is where she is. Carefully not said, though… is that it’s her own damn fault, and that she’s getting what she deserves. Because misery loves company… she’ll take others along for the ride too.

The Filthie Girl Watcher - Cont’d


Think I’ll leave that one for Kim du Toit…

The Filthie Girl Watcher


Fake News I want To Believe

Oh, sure. 
The cat sat still, and let some stranger Bic his head. Yup.

Nevertheless I called the Florida crime stoppers tip line
and said BP did it.
I may qualify for a cash reward if my tip leads to an 
arrest or conviction!
$$$$ KA-CHING $$$


Can anyone loan me a buck so I can 

Sea Monsters In The Fog


Sunday, 27 November 2022


I know that the bulk of folks that stop by are far too smart to be like this. Pretty much all understand that the media is biased and some think they can suss out what is actually happening by “reading between the lines”. I used to think like that but now I feel that the media is driving an agenda I hate set by people I hate and will not cooperate or comply with. I turned it all off, and tuned out. 

For those of you of like mind… could you ever trust the media again…? What would it take?

Jesus Was A Tranny

 I heard some of the faithful were in tears about it.

Who knew?

Sunday Test Of Character


Make your mistake: free polls
Explain yourself in the comments!!!😑

How Do You 9mm?

 I don’t, I shoot God’s calibre… but if I did…?

I think some company is making a 9mm semi auto repro
of the Schmeisser now…

The PERFECT Turkey Rifle

 Just to be clear - we’re talking about feathered avians, not their two legged human counterparts. Although… I suppose my scholarly expert choice would work on them too! HAR HAR HAR!

When ya reach my age and get a few kills, hunting starts to look much different. If I were to hunt again, it would be purely for meat and for fun, with the emphasis on fun. It doesn’t bother me at all to get skunked. One of the reasons I haven’t killed as much game as other hunters is that I am picky as hell about my shots. I get in close, and put them down with one. Although I was a capable marksman in my day… shooting animals is different, for me. I flat out refuse to chase or risk wounded game. It could happen, I suppose, nobody is perfect… but when I drop the hammer, the end is usually not in question. On targets I will shoot as far out as possible as long as there’s a good backstop.

The perfect turkey gun for the intrepid stubfart does not exist. It will have to be built. If I were to undertake the project - that would mean a black powder muzzle loader. When I say black powder - I mean The Holy Black: we are talking Swiss or Goex or home made… no (hork,spit) substitutes. I’d need a flinter too; cap locks are fine for lesser or more serious sportsmen. But I bend my knee to tradition and period correctness. 

I love the Hawken plains rifles… but for turkeys I’d change it up a bit. How about an elegant Lancaster County longrifle?

Oh my goodness…

These things look awkward and cumbersome, but you’d be shocked at how well they carry in the field.
The kits can often be ordered in various stages of completion, you you’d only have to do the work that you’d be comfortable doing. 

Pick your style or rifle ‘school’. Choose you calibre.  Your grade of wood, your length and style of barrel. The prices may make you gag… but serious rifles aren’t cheap whether they are modern centrefires or top tier front stuffers.

Want to test your nerve and skill? Take ya chisels and carving tools to a tope grade maple stock blank. Go ahead… I dares ya!!! Bonus points if you’re fine with engraving too…

There ya have it - the perfect gobbler gun! One a those, shooting cast, patched round ball? That thing’d be an absolute sweetheart on the range too! .36 calibre, spun at..what? 1:48…? What is the best rifling for the small bores?

I miss the campfire, cigars and whiskey. I think I’m going to stay retired from the hunting game… But if I ever do come out of retirement… I am going to do it in style!

Have a great Sunday fellas. If you’re smart enough to enjoy a project like this… here ya go! If you haven’t filled your tag yet…jump on that, and best of luck to ya!

Saturday, 26 November 2022

How Do They DO Stuff Like This?!?


Back in the day I had an artsy fartsy side and spent a lot of time sketching and cartooning. I couldn’t paint or do real art at all…but I didn’t have to. I’d draw pictures of my friends and teachers doing unspeakable things to farm animals and it was enough that the angry subjects and others could identify themselves in the likeness.


I knew folks that could paint and do still life studies but that was back in the days of canvas, oils and acrylics. They’re doing this stuff on computers now. Is it art? I mean… hit the off switch…and unless you can turn it back on again… the work is lost forever. You can copy this one faster than it takes to think about it, and reproduce it in exact detail as much as you want to. I am torn because…does a piece like this have any artistic merit? It only exists in an entirely artificial medium… and yet the skill of the original artist is beyond question.

But the artsy crowd have gone completely off their rockers these days. You can whiz in a jar and throw a crucifix in it and that is unquestionably art. If I wipe my bung on a Koran or draw the Pedophile Prophet - that’s a hate crime!!!!

The mind wobbles, and we live in ridiculous times.



Stand By: Incoming Message From Sparta


Supposedly if you are as strong and tough and smart as our Greek General and Nursemaid is, you’ll be just fine as you strike back against Darth Vader and his clutzy stormtroopers that undermine our nations. “4th Generation warfare, baby!!!πŸ‘”

Welp… in the real world, fourth generation warfare (which is a term used by wanks to describe what is essentially terrorism and guerilla warfare) really doesn’t work that well. In fact, without resupply, logistics and support... It tends to look like this, far more often than not.

Ask the Ukrainians how going it alone is working
out for them…

Oh… you can’t! They’re all sleeping! HAR HAR HAR! I wonder why all the moslem terrorism dropped off so suddenly? Mostly I think, because the mass media has been forced to focus on the right narratives and current things…but you’ll notice there hasn’t been any real high profile terrorism going on, performed by the usual ululating rag heads. Why is that, I wonder?

Part of the reason for that has to be the advent of drone warfare and the willingness to use it. Don't tell me it doesn't work to deter guerillas either. It works just as well on Mohammed as it does on Nestor. It will probably work on you too if ya want to get stupid about it.I just love it when the bleeding hearts all start screaming about collateral damage when moslem jihadists are cut down by a daisy cutter when they are at family weddings and gatherings. To me…? My sentiments are, “you shot up a bus of school kids, Mohammed. Ya blew up a pizza joint full of young people. Ya car bombed an important official in front of a daycare. Collateral damage? Cry me a river ya bloody gimp!” 4th Generation Warfare looks a lot different to natural born leaders of men like Aesop when his own skin, and that of his family are on the line.

But who knows? Assuming it isn’t a LARP, and our General is so angry, so smart and so capable that he will not be dissuaded on making war on ‘them”. Welp…then ya get genocide. That’s when it’s not good enough to just kill him or his family… you have to erase his entire tribe to get any peace.

I get that patriots don’t want to hear any of this. But historically people come, people go, and nations change. I think we are on the cusp of such a change. Look at the monuments and cemeteries for rebel soldiers of Civil War 1. 

I am not saying the bad guys aren't worth fighting and killing... but if ya gonna do it...and you go in without God, Darwin and Murphy on your side....You will probably end up like Mohammed and Nestor.

Ancient Genius


Saturday Ramble


Well we’d been chinooking again so I figured I’d go for a quick visit to Stubfart Airfield and run up the engine on the new bird, and have the pro’s check it over.

It was so warm out that some baby mosquitoes had hatched and were trying to eat me. They’d be dead that very night.  I shouldn’t feel sorry for them… but I did, a little bit.

Rotten Rob is as bad at covering as I am.
But he is a far better flyer…

I was met by Baloney Bob and Rotten Rob. They are the last of the Winter Breed. They don’t mind winter flying but their friends are old and fussy Snow Birds and don’t like the cooler temps. They did some formation flying and filled the air with nitro fumes and air rage. It was glorious. Then they turned their formidable abilities on me and the Turd Bird.

Oh, that OS engine runs like a top, dunninit? The old boys went over that bird and through it with a fine tooth comb. I went a bit rich on the high end when I reset the the carbs. But other than a tweak and a small list of minor gripes… the boys pronounced the Bird ready to fly.  

I taxied it around and the engine will pull that bird like a champ. The runway was a little choppy, and I want more snow before I take it up. The boys had a few nose-overs on the alternating snow and grass.

That thing is gonna fly and when it does I dunno whether it will be a let down or the high point of all this. When I was a kid I always wanted to do this. Bob and Rob just laughed at me. I guess nobody scratch builds anymore. Everyone buys the ARF’s… they come pre-covered, prebuilt right at the factory, made on jigs by factory workers. You put in your electronics, hang an engine on it and away you go. If it crashes, you buy another one. Or you can buy a kit where all the parts are laser cut. All you do is punch them out, give them a light sand and assemble them…but even that is too much work for most folks. I get that; I myself got frustrated a couple times with this thing and had to take a break. But I eventually did it. I learned to read plans, balance props, and how these things go together.

I will get the few tweaks done, clean it up…and next time out she flies…or dies. Its all good either way.

Friday, 25 November 2022

The stares of the predator…

Texas Lung Shot

We don’t have too many (feathered, avian) turkeys in Alberta anymore. I think they re-introduced some Merrimack turkeys down south and they took off. I think you can even apply in the draws to hunt them now. I am surprised, actually. We have a LOT of coyotes here. I shot a couple with no regrets. They go after the calves, foals and even dogs and cats. They’d go for a turkey dinner in a heartbeat.

Send it! 

 I can see going after turkeys with a shotgun. I can see going after them with a bow. (It’s supposed to be absolute murder; and success is almost impossible. I would have loved to have tried it when I was younger).

But…rifles? Wouldn’t it do too much damage to the meat? I remember potting gophers with centrefire .22’s and the damn things either vaporized in a red mist - or they exploded in a disgusting chunky mess. I’d just assume they’d do the same to turkeys…? Any of you fellas ever hunt them? If I were to go after them I think I’d use a .22 rimfire…