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Monday, 21 November 2022

Air, Space And Idiocracy - With Filthie!

I don't want to hear any griping or rude jokes about my space girl this time.
Violators will be unfriended, down voated, with complaints
lodged with Blogger and the police!
Sensitivity mobs are standing by!!!

I see the friendly neighbourhood Z Man has nailed down modern air travel for us with this scholarly piece. 

This is the second time I have heard this. Flapz tells me that air travel up in Canada is a complete chit show now and he flat out refuses to do it if possible. Like Z... he lost luggage, had his flight schedule blown by days, and the response from the carriers was a disinterested shrug when he barked about it. My favourite airline, when I travelled 100 years ago, was Westjet and I hear they are in shambles and chaos right now.

It may interest you to know that space travel will go the same way. It already is. Back in the 60's the astronauts were the best that the human animal could produce. The men were in top physical condition. All had to have an engineer's command of systems and electronics. All had to be top tier pilots. All had to be able to make cool, clear headed life and death decisions under incredible pressure. They all had The Right Stuff.

Contrast that with today's current Artemis project. Artemis will be run mostly from the ground at mission control. The legions of smoking, coffee guzzling techs of Mission Control, 60's edition - has been replaced by supercomputers with incredible scan times, running boggling algorithms at speeds unthinkable back in the 60's. Instead of sweating men in horn rim glasses, ties, and pipes... the new Mission Controllers are largely wahmen, boons, and vibrants. Experience with the fully autonomous Mars probes will be fully focused and applied to Artemis. The crew will be relegated to the status of cargo and/or passengers. Note that the current Artemis spacecraft  is doing just fine with no crew at all. Hints have already dropped from NASA that the first Artemis crew will be people with names like Shaquilla, Wang, Goopinder, and Rebecca. Globohomo Inc is going to the starz! Instead of a crew with credentials in multiple academic fields, this one will feature crew members with multiple personalities and pronouns. Whether this effort ends well or poorly - it promises to be an utter laugh riot.

Z and the makers of the movie, Idiocracy, assume that high tech can counter low IQ and sustain a modern economy and standard of living. It is my contention that that is not true - God, Darwin and Murphy will not be mocked. I contend that you will see an extinction level event culling the legions of stupid and smart alike first.

Consider: We are currently in a situation, ready to go to nuclear war in the Kraine - led by a pedophile president with dementia. The source of contention is basically a criminal money laundering scheme involving the POTUS, his crack headed son, and sycophants and fart catchers in gov't. Fully half the population will happily vote out freedom loving patriots for big nanny gov't because they are too stupid to handle freedom. This only ends one way, folks.

Have a nice day, I hope you are all enjoying these last of the the good ol' days! HAR HAR HAR!!!



  1. Mr. Filthie- you have put to the pen the future for the western "world". The only thing that will eliminate the pink hairs, sex perverts and greedy people will be a hard and desperate exsistance. I just pray God has mercy on our dogs.

  2. Well the stated goal of Artemis is to "put a woman of color on the moon". That same idiot Biden mindset that got us Kamala and Karine and that Ketanji critter who is not a biologist but will drag every case that appears before here through the filter of race. I expect they'll find us some real winners to gush incomprehensible word salad from the Moon.

  3. I see those eyes. She's thinking
    I'm not even asking. I know Dayumm Good and well this frikken outfit makes my ass look fat.

  4. got that look that hse just sucked something up that tube she didn't like.

  5. I see she's provided a pocket for her compact.

  6. These are the good ole days...
    Tree Mike

  7. Mike Judge has a crystal ball.
    If you ever play Idiocracy for a dumb bell, they get really mad!
    We iz goin' to da Wakanda moon base, yes we iz, uh hmm.
    Honk, honk!

  8. And these new Asternaughts will demand the respect of the real deals.

  9. None of them will ever get past low earth orbit.
    Has never happened and never will.
    Even the god you ball earthers worship, Bill Nye the science jerk admits that.

  10. Is that one of the new maternity flight suits?

  11. Upcoming hard times will create strong men.

    Bear Claw