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Thursday, 24 November 2022



  1. I had always looked forward to long, grey hair. I figured it would be my license to be as crazy as I pleased. People could whisper "Just leave him alone. He doesn't know any better!" And little kids could say "Stay away from him, he's mean!"
    But it wasn't to be. No one was more shocked than me to discover that baldness comes from the mother's side--all my dad's family had full heads of hair. But my maternal G-grandfather, bald as a billiard ball, was fond of saying "Grass can't grow on a busy street!" So now there's not enough left of the sides and back to be worth fooling with. I've worn it tied back in a ponytail since I got out of the military, and can proudly say that I haven't paid money for a haircut since 1980. I reach behind my head once or twice a year with a sharp scissors and whack off whatever is tickling the back of my neck. I may not be the grey, longhaired old fool, but I still claim to be a certified grumpy old coot.
    Have a great day Glen, and thanks for the forum for these little rants.

    1. Well thanks for stoppin by Greg!

      I don't get along with hair at all. I can't grow it up top anymore so now i do my haircuts myself with a bic! And I flat out love it. I get out of the shower, give my head a shake... and I'm done!

      I am happy not to be buggering round with my hair at all...

  2. used to have flowing locks
    then i gave birth!
    no time for hair
    got the standard female short cut and was amazed how great to get out of shower ,towel off, a quick touch of the comb and off you go!
    then winter came! have been wearing ear warmers ever since but kept the hair short
    the convenience is great

  3. Not "man bun", say instead "dork knob". Much more accurate.