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Monday, 21 November 2022



Welp… prop’s balanced. Ailerons are in. Skis are on. Think I need to do the bushings on that engine. 

My first RC build. I hate it already. There’s mistakes in there… most are minor - I hope.

A few shop notes are in order here.

I started this thinking a 12 year old could do it. I’m going to reverse myself on that. There is nothing a 12 year old couldn’t do, but the first build… it’d be a real good idea if Dad were involved. He’s going to need to learn to read plans, he’ll need to use your tools, and order of operation is critical. Once the glue dries and sets… that’s it. Build two - one for yourself, one for the kid. Don’t, let him give up or get frustrated. Stick with it! 

If you go on OyTube some of the guys use a sheet of steel and magnets for the airframe build. I would recommend against it. Build on top of the plans and pin everything down just as they did in the old school. The OyTube guys using magnets are experts - one’s a cabinet maker, another’s a machinist, and they know all the ways to skin a cat. For your first build…take the easiest is my advice.

Of all the jobs…the covering is the hardest. I botched this one and I don’t care… I’ll be happy if it just flies. I am going to build another one right away using everything I learned from the first one. I want either a DLE 20 or a Saito for the next one though.

These engines get cranky in cold weather but we have a chinook going so hopefully I can at least crank it tomorrow and taxi it around and maybe try a crow hop if the winds cooperate. If it crashes and burns… not a problem… Turd Bird II is ready to commence!

Wish me luck fellas!



  1. Nachtjagdgeschwader21 November 2022 at 21:54

    Balkankreuz and Jolly Roger!

  2. My first RC boat build was more difficult than my first real boat build. A full-sized boat, if shit isn't square nobody cares. A world-class build is built within +/- 1/8" in every join. An RC boat, if everything isn't plumb, is going to hell. Even the 1:20 scale I prefer to build in, where my boats are 4-5 feet long and weigh 100+ lbs with ballast, they're so damn unforgiving. I can't make a model of the 18' skiffs I used to build every winter for beer money. The models looked like dogshit, even when my real skiffs were damn pretty.

  3. Lovin’ the skis! Doesn’t look like there’s anything there that control surface authority can’t counter. Go forth and perforate the aerospace!

  4. Love the ski's too. I used to keep a quart of 40% nitro racing fuel to primer with. I couldn't run on it without burning up the engine, but that rocket fuel sure got 'em lit. I'm thinking now that I would try preheating the engine with a hair dryer if I could. I have a 2000 watt inverter that would power one; they do suck a lot of juice, but for a minute or so it would do wonders for getting your engine started.

  5. Up up and away.

    Bear Claw