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Friday, 25 November 2022

Filthie’s Post Feast Stomach Pump Rentals

The Yanks on Blab aren’t moving that
fast today…

Gawd, I can hear the American sewer pipes groaning under the massive spike as they try to cope with the post thanksgiving day load. Men and women are frantically plunging clogged toilets while their belts and bowels strain and snap under loads they were never meant to carry.

Maybe I should start a stomach pump service? Christmas and Thanksgiving would be our money making days… but we’d pick up steady business over the summer during grilling season and at other high calorie social functions. For those of you that are NOT in a food coma… now come the glorious left overs!

Be creative, and keep me on speed dial! 


  1. Put the slice of bread between the meat - good way to increase protein and cutting back on carbs. I like that.

  2. It all works out over time. The turkey that was left out will cause the squirts in due time. Like those youtube videos:

    It might be a good idea to put grab handles on either size of the thunder mug, or maybe a seat belt.

    1. ...And maybe a pressure relief valve!!! I mean, strap yourself to that thing during a bout of extreme flatulence and well, SOMETHING'S gotta give!!!