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Friday, 18 November 2022

Friday Ramble: FML Chapter

 Well… it looks like all my careful retireMINT planning has come to naught. Y’know I’ve never seen anyone win at these stupid scratch n’ wins but I still buy them once in a blue moon. The wife bought me this one and I got skunked. I’ve won a couple bucks here and there but the only ones I ever knew that won was The Crack (my old boss) - and when his ex found out about it she set the lawyers on him and hacked off her cut. I think my brothers wife might have too… but she plays much more frequently and whenever there’s promotional draws and raffles, she does them too. It’s kinda a hobby for her and she had some other impressive wins, so I’ve heard. The saying I’ve heard is that these things are a tax on the stupid…and in my case that is exactly what it is! I never won nothin! 😡

The Turd Bird’s almost done. I am just choked because I went in to get a high visibility yellow coating for the underside of the plane… and all they had was this translucent-urine-yellow stuff. I wanted the glossy Piper yellow, but I took what they had. Aaaaaand of course, I ran out and needed to get another roll…and the maskhole at the hobby shop says, “Sorry Filthie - they discontinued the Urine Yellow…but we finally got the Piper yellow covering in…”. I wanted to punch the retarded old fart right in his double masked face. (He hates me because I’d go into the shop during the scamdemic, and half ass my mask and leave my beak hanging out. He’d follow me round and bark and bark at me and I just tormented him in return. And once I paid, I’d take the mask off right in the store before I left and it drove him bonkers. I guess it’s true:

All the rotten things

You say and do

Eventually come back 

To you…

So… the underside of the wing is half urine yellow, half Piper Yellow. None of this is the maskhole’s fault, but he sold me a defective $35.00 servo and that really hacked me off. “No returns on those, sorry!!!” I think I’m going to take my business elsewhere from here on out.

But… I finally got the wing done yesterday. This stuff is slowly starting to make sense to me. I still got some wrinkles, and every bump and ugly in the balsa wood beneath stands out like a sore thumb… but it’s not bad for a harelipped retard I guess.

This is a bad pic…it actually looks much better 
than this in person.

I’m going to go over it again with the hot air gun and the iron. Tomorrow I will put the ailerons in, hook them up and centre them… and balance the new prop. Forward/aft balance is almost perfect, I’m just a merest tad nose heavy. Laterally I should be close too - I might need to add a few grams right or left…but whatever.

I’m going to go see Pop at the hospital today. They moved him out of the university hospital to another one and they are hitting him hard with rehab. His mind is starting to clear a bit…but the accident accelerated his dementia somewhat. Last week he fell asleep and started having a nightmare. He started thrashing and moaning, “Glen! You little bastard! Get down from there…!!” I woke him up and told him where he was, that all was well, and that I was actually behaving myself. He calmed down and sighed with relief. “Oh jeez,” he said, “I dreamed that you and Don were catching pigeons on the high level bridge and pooping into the river below…”

“That wasn’t me that did that, you stupid old fart! That was you and Uncle Don that did that!” I growled. Pop looked befuddled and said, “Oh…really?” Then he got that rude smirk on his face - he’d gotten under my skin with some accidental-on-purpose memory loss…and we both got some yucks out of it. His memories are still in there, but he’s like an old juke box or television…sometimes you need to give him a boot to reset him, HAR HAR HAR! 

Mom was getting snippy and pissy with me again so I stopped my daily check ins for a couple days. I get that she is under strain and stress, but she won’t let me help, she won’t listen…so…whatever Mom. She’s all drama these days, and that’s fine. I don’t want to fight with her so I just waited her out. She texted yesterday and said that she loved us and that it was okay for me to visit today. She probably wants to go shopping again, HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! I’ll take what I can get as long as it’s all good. I don’t do drama anymore. All I gotta do is be a good son when I can.

I managed to resume my biblical studies. I dunno what it is…I just couldn’t make myself focus and retain what I was reading so I just took a break. I have been skipping church too much too. Sometimes fathers and sons need to walk different paths, for awhile… and maybe it works that way for men and their Maker?

I hope you all have a fast Friday, and some great plans for the weekend. Thanks for dropping in.



  1. Every once in a while I will give the girls 20 bucks and they go buy scratch offs, come back to the house and take turns scratching. If they win they go back and keep it up till they quit while they are ahead or lose their money. It aint a bad way to spend 20 bucks sometimes.

  2. When the mask scam was invented a few articles claimed the Covid virus was .03-.08 MILLIONTHS of an inch wide. Then they said the distance between mask fibers was 12-25 millionths. If those numbers are correct that means a minimum of 36 viruses should be able to pass thru mask fibers at the same time. Then a blogger drew a Tic-Tac-Toe grid with 36 dots in the center square to show how useless masks are. Have used that example many times.

  3. I found out some folks are winners and some aren't. This one guy I ran into won every raffle and drawing. He would joke about it, then it would happen. Crazy luck. I had a bud talk me into buying 7 dollars worth of lotto tickets. He said it was almost a guarantee, he had some computer program that figured out the hot numbers. Three of us, and one ticket was a winner. A $3 winner. :/ Invest seven get back one. yeah, no.

    That bird is looking pretty. Even with a filleted Minion on it. And next time you go to the hobby shop, get some fishnet or window screen for a mask. I'm all about malicious compliance. Hehehehe......

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  5. Interesting story of I guy I knew long ago. He lived and worked at a rehab center I associated with back when I was struggling with booze. He was an old alcoholic that finally got things sorted out by moving into the large rehab as a caretaker/fix it guy and trusted the priest who ran it with the bit of a government disability he got. It wasn't a bad life, he was sober and seemingly happy.

    And damn if he doesn't win the lottery. Something like $100,000 if I recall. He went straight to the priest, put signed it over to him and never bothered with it again. He knew if he got that money he'd be dead in a year. I left soon after. I hope he had a good life.

  6. Yes....the Lotto is a tax on stupid people. Because stupid people tend to provide much of the money going into the Lotto system.
    Your odds of winning a Lotto jackpot are insanely high. You are more likely to be struck by lightning AND hit by a bus than to win a billion dollar pot.