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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Gee Thanks…


This POS is a Sea king…

News of the morn has Britain “donating” 3 of these flying buckets of bolts to the Kraine. They are a sore spot with some Canadians because our coastal search and rescue guys were forced to fly these obsolete pieces of shit well past their expiration date. Ours were from the early 60’s and they started falling out of the air 40 years later. So… why was Canada still using these things?

Welp…funny you should ask that. The answer was simple: there was no money in the budget for new ones. Y’see… our screw faced fwench swine minister of the time was Jean Poutine Cretin, and that liberal POS and his fart catchers in gubbimint needed new posh executive jets for themselves. What - you expect them to fly commercial to all those environmental summit meetings in Europe? What the hell is the matter with you? The damned S&R guys will fly Sea Things or go pound sand! 

What is Zelensky gonna do with these relics? Kill his few remaining pilots in them? 

I wonder if this is just the UK being the UK, or the fact that turd brained pakies and mud flaps are in charge over there now?

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  1. Regarding the purchase of the two Challenger 604s in 2002, here's what happened. In the summer of 2001 NavCanada optioned two new Challengers to replace their two 16 year old high cycle Challenger 601s. An option is basically a $1M downpayment. Then 9/11 happened and since NavCanada is funded by landing fees their revenue dropped to SFA. At the same time no one was buying Challengers or Regional Jets so Canadair was parking them outside at Mirabel. Since NavCanada had no money to pay for their two new jets and Canadair was hurting for money Chretien helped his buddy Laurent Beaudoin (CEO of Bombardier which owns Canadair) by buying the two aircraft, S/N 5533 is 144617 and 5535 is 144618. That's how politics works in Quebec.
    I remember it well because we were told on March 29th that DND was buying two Challengers by March 31st which is the end of the fiscal year. The aircraft were paid for before our Quality Assurance and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers or the RCAF got a look at them which is totally against procedure.