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Friday, 25 November 2022

Grim Choices

There are times when I wonder if the wrong
guys won WW2.
Even Patton must have had his doubts, he said once
that hey had fought the wrong war against
the wrong guys.

Somehow… I don’t see the globalist visions
of people living in pods, owning nothing and eating bugs.
Strong men are saddling dark horses
as we speak. 

The American Globohomo Empire has fallen. Would you rather live under: free polls


  1. Hell man; we are already here. We are just chillin in the back.

  2. hope there are strong gogly men somewhere hope their belgian warhorses are fully armored and ready to go
    God's holy angels are ready now to go into battle with godly human forces

  3. The look on the kid's face says it all.
    Steve S6


  4. One of the things that is kept deeply hidden by (((historians))) is that during the '30s under the 'weimar' (Occupation Government) the exact same trannyfag perversions were widespread, and promoted as 'woke' by the (((same people))) pushing it Today. The National Socialist German Worker's Party was only one of a number of 'conservative' organizations that began to Actively Fight, by Kinetic Means, the (((perversions))).

    You've probably seen those pics captioned "Nazi Book-Burnings" by (((historians))) but if you research into them, they are pics of Normal People destroying homo/pedophile Films and Magazines. The current (((fad))) of 'Trannyfag Story Hour' needs to be Dealt With in the same manner.

    Just search "Weimar Berlin Decadence" if you want to see more...