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Thursday, 17 November 2022

Hang In There, Nestor!!!

Don’t have power or heat?

No water or food?

Starting to freeze cause there’s no power or fuel?

Military devastated, with 100,000+ fatalities and casualties?

What’s left of your military is so incompetent that they attack Poland instead of Russia?

Don’t sweat it, Nestor! You got this!!! Don’t be a pussy!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!!


I’m sorry everyone! I promised that I wouldn’t do anymore Kraine-poasting. My excuse is that I am now laughing at the morons here at home.

On your feet, you slack-jawed, limp wristed
Ukrainian faggot!
What would General Aesop think
of your mewling?!?


Apropos of nothing at all… the lights in Kherson won’t be on for about a year.  I’m sure our General and his fellow brave Californians would do just fine under nightly deliveries from Russia…

From Russia!
With love!!

The Kraine will be at the negotiating table, cap in hand…by the end of December. You heard it here first!


  1. The "General" is over at his blog pontificating ALL the Knowledge he has about Antiaircraft missiles.

    Is there ANYTHING Aesop's not an EXPERT IN?

    I posted over at Aesop's that the Poles THEMSELVE tracked the missile and thus told the WORLD it was a Ukranian S-300 anti-aircraft missile, thus stopping Biden the Sock Puppet from doing the NATO Article 5 and starting WW3.

    I doubt he will allow that post as he fully moderates. But I shall see.

    Pity Aesop will not stay on his meds, he's so much more enjoyable to argue with then.

  2. If they aren't at the negotiating table by February, it will most likely be because they finally succeeded in pulling off a false flag event that triggers WWIII.

  3. When they do get to the negotiating table if they don't have Aesop the wonder boy there with them, they're going to get a lousy deal.
    He's their only savior cuz he's smarter than everyone .

  4. I honestly wonder where he's getting his info from. The US has formally acknowledged this is a Uke mistake. It's in the mainstream media. Behind the scenes, they've almost certainly given Zelensky a back hand for trying to draw Europe into this thing deep than they already are. For his part - Zelensky has no choice. The Yank money and weapons are of no use without trained manpower to use them. I dunno if the strike on Poland was an unauthorized ukranian false flag or just incompetence. Time will tell I suppose.

    General Milley - that good for nothing flimp - has already leaked to the NYT that the Kraine has nothing left, and unless the US and/or NATO go all in - this thing is over. NATO involvement will just draw it out a little.

    It must be chaos in Washington, with half the establishment trying to distance itself from the debacle. It's amusing to see Milley back pedalling after leaking to the press. After he got spanked, he changed his tune to being all in, down to the last Ukranian, however long it takes.

  5. Aesop reminds me of General Buck Turgidson.

  6. coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  7. Negligent discharges can hurt...apparently.

  8. Not to worry, Biden inc is already asking for billions MORE for the Zelensky Express Laundry. Joe says "Don't forget my 10%!"
    - WDS