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Sunday, 27 November 2022

How Do You 9mm?

 I don’t, I shoot God’s calibre… but if I did…?

I think some company is making a 9mm semi auto repro
of the Schmeisser now…


  1. Are there options that are more modern and mechancally superior to this? Yes. But you'd be hard pressed to find one cooler.

  2. If I was to have a semi-auto... I like my Ruger PC carbine. I have a shoulder pouch that holds five, thirty round mags. (similar to the one shown) As to the repro, why bother.

  3. I'm not poo-pooing on any of the great repros out there, but probably, the one I would like to have would be a Thompson. Partly because my father was trained with them and told me cool training stories, and partly because, well, Thompson.

  4. I've shot the Thompson sub-machine gun, and if you have the knack you can hit stuff with it.

    I've also shot the P08 Luger. The thing needs red hot rounds or it won't eject, and it's susceptible to dirt. Otherwise, it's a very good pistol.

    The MP-40 is excellent, providing you know how to use it. The tendency is to use the magazine as a forward grip, and you can't do that without eventually causing a misfeed. Also, the barrel gets hot, and if you run a magazine or three through the gun and then grab the barrel - well, you won't do that more than once.

    Nice pix, by the way.

  5. So I don't know when the Army phased out the grease gun, but I do know that in '82 we treadheads (M1-Tank Crewmen) got to wear cool Tanker Boots, wear our 45 sidearm in a shoulder holster opposite our mops canister and we got to use the M3 Greasegun.

    No bullshit nine mm, no candy assed 5.56, just 45 acp set to 'rock 'n 'roll!

    It even had a rail that fit on the end for shooting at ninety degree angles from your hatch....*channels Joe Piscapo*..'it's a 45 Johnny, it shoots from tanks!'