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Sunday, 20 November 2022

I read somewhere that the movie execs were surprised and stunned
by the success of Casablanca.
When they produced it they figured it for a B or even C movie.

I read elsewhere that in the time of Shakespeare… actors were held in the lowest regard and even with contempt. I can see that in a medieval society where everyone worked at real jobs. Nowadays they’re heroes. Thespians and drama are part and parcel of everyday life, at work and at home. Keeping that mask on seems to be getting harder and harder to do. Folks lived in interesting times when that film was made. We live in interesting times now too…will any classic masterpieces come out of Hollywood that will be remembered 75 years from now…?


  1. Only a society that has met and exceeded the basic needs of it's people has the luxury of ooing and ahhing over things like acting.
    And until the beginning of the 20th century there just wasn't that much wealth involving that many people to allow for a large number of useless parasitic over paid entertainers.

  2. In ancient Greece, actors often supplemented their income by prostitution after the performance. Things really haven't changed much.

  3. Whenever I dabble in the world of celebrity worship…I always wish I hadn’t. On camera they play the roles of great people, good and bad. Off camera…good grief…these are damaged, broken people for the most part.

  4. If Hollywood producers were honest and remade the movie today:
    Rick: "We'll always have Paris."
    Elsa: "Stop it Richard, Paris is a muslim shit-hole now!"