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Tuesday, 29 November 2022


 An evil rat, Dr. Petersden? Why, exactly...? 

Elon Musk is gonna make a fortune with twitter. 
You heard it here first!

I actually like Jordan. He tends to try to be intellectually honest, tries to be objective, and he will not back down to his fellow liberals that would try to intimidate and silence him. But... this is a fair question. Peterson is one of the few liberals that can perceive God but can't accept or explain His presence. It's fascinating to see him tie himself up in semantic knots as he struggles with it. He is on the right track but obviously fears where it leads.

And - this needs to be answered honestly and openly. Else, the rivalries and animosities that are driving it will only get worse. People are starting to notice stuff like this. Why are you evading the question, Dr.? Do you fear the answer to that one too...?


  1. Some reading for you:

  2. Peterson is a spokesperson for a group with an agenda. A particular small group. He helps set the narrative on what is acceptable. Establishes a limit stop. And he's not going to bite the hand that feeds him. Or who would kill him if they had to.

  3. When I talk to ex-agnostics and ex-atheists, I find one thing in common: IF there is a God, THEN you a guilty before Him. They didn't want that accountability. They wanted to live without regard to a supreme law, or actual truth. They wanted a gray-black existence so their sin wouldn't be noticed. I did find that agnostics were a bit more intellectually honest. Most would be somewhat open to the possibility of God. Atheists seem to have a religion of their own.

    The intellectual agnostic is stuck in a tail-chase of "I can understand anything, but I can't understand God". It is difficult for an intellectual to accept that some things are tough for our minds to grasp. It's a hard place to live. It's like a game where not all the rules are known, and yet you are to play it and abide by them. Disconcerting....

    I still bump into things that baffle and perplex. I've been on the Bible study bus for forty years. I can't abide handwavium, if you don't know just say so. Ignorance isn't a deal breaker to me.

  4. I think he did answer when he said: "you're an evil rat".

    Basically the same thing Dave Chappelle said on SNL... usually I'd come right to Kanye's defense... but... I think I'll wait and see how this one plays out.... And he ended the standup monolog with "... and I hope they don't take anything away from me... who ever they are"

    Another one down the black hole:
    But I have a downloaded copy.

  5. found this:

  6. That was the wrong SNL, this looks right, but again, down the memory hole: and again here: and again here:

    This one might work, if you have an account, but I wouldn't "bet" on it ;-)

    Seems it is well and truely erased. I have a good and complete copy.

  7. Must say I almost always agree with Peterson but find myself always thinking he is intentionally missing some important pieces. Otherwise I have never taken him any further.

  8. Peterson is a fraud and a fucking crybaby. I think he is controlled opposition. I think most of these folks that are "headlining" are on the payroll.

    1. Yes and no, Hedge. He is not “controlled” opposition at all, in the way fags like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro are. When he was at McGill, he gave the liberal establishment ulcers, hemorrhoids, and kiniptions. He still does - Turdo La Doo hisses like a vampire scalded with holy water when Peterson addresses him.
      He is a liberal apostate.
      On a personal level he does have flaws, and life got the best of him a couple times. So it goes for most of us at one point or other.
      Here…he has reacted childishly which is uncharacteristic of him. He’s taken on taboo subjects before…and I see that he is starting to struggle with this one.
      I personally hope he comes to terms with it.

  9. Sigh- here we are in 2022, and we are still arguing over invisible men in the sky ( throughout history, there have been thousands of them ). Oh sorry, yours is the ONE TRUE god? How do you know?
    Well, ya see, I was born HERE, and we folks believe THIS. Those folks, they were born THERE, and they believe THAT.
    Us folks born here, yeah, we are fucksure we are right, they are wrong, and there's an end on it.
    We call that absolute belief in something absolutely non-provable either way religion, and we pound it into our kids heads from day one well cuz ya have to, dont you, it's sorta hard to believe so nothing like constant reinforcement to set it, doncha know.
    Constant lies and reinforcement- seems we've seen that going on elsewhere in society as well, I just can't seem to recall where. Hmmm

    1. Sorry, Pat. But, Godless men like Stalin and Hitler killed millions more people than all of the crusades combined. Chairman Mao killed tens of millions more.

      As for the jews…it isn’t their faith that annoys people. If you want to worship a monkey god I could care less. What bothers me is that a certain (((tribe))) seems to be at the centre of driving the things I hate - like anti-white racism. Black supremacy. Civilian disarmament. Forever wars. Institutionalized pedophelia, homosexuality, transgenderism, transhumanism…

      This isn’t a coincidence or a disagreement about the nature of God. This is about a pattern that has established itself… and all I’m saying is that if I am noticing it…others are too. (Many of whom are atheists and agnostics). The jews *might* want to have a care about stuff like this…or things will go badly for them. Again - as it has over their entire history. And - it will serve them right too…

  10. My personal theory on religion is " If you can prove it, it isn't faith.'