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Monday, 28 November 2022

Murdering My Inner Romantic

 And that, my friends… is why the North American woman is where she is. Carefully not said, though… is that it’s her own damn fault, and that she’s getting what she deserves. Because misery loves company… she’ll take others along for the ride too.


  1. "Because misery loves company… she’ll take others along for the ride too."

    Going through my divorce it was her "friends" and other women in her life that encouraged it. The whole "you don't need no man," thing. And of course she went right along with it, no thought to consequences. About what she was throwing away. What the future would hold for her.

    I found out years later that it was one of the biggest regrets in her life. She never had children. Never a family of her own.

    All I could think of was, Good. I hope it hurt.

    1. It was much different but sort of the same with my daughter, Travis. The idiots in the family told her it was okay to be gay, that I was a homophobic bigot that just wanted to see her miserable, blah blah blah.
      When I wouldn't bow down to them I was evicted and cancelled from the hive and it hurt like the dickens for years until one day... I just shrugged, threw the whole mess at God and went on with my life.
      There is a blurb about shaking dust from sandals, and not casting pearls before swine in the bible. It's good life advice.

    2. Divorce is contagious, and comes in waves.

    3. Glen some things are so big laying them at God's feet is all we can do and it works.

      Bear Claw

  2. (((THEY))), through the Frankfurt Institute, weaponized Critical Race Theory, Feminism, propaganda, advertising, etc. to subdue/eliminate the White Race. Women are victims too. (((They))) are smarter than your average evil wanker.
    Tree Mike

  3. The American woman drives a fucking nitro fueled funny bus so she has plenty of room for that ride but the mileage sucks. There are no seat belts or refunds either. You might get off the ride with a small future if you're lucky. I was lucky.