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Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Smell Of The Times

The other day Mort and I came across a kid “smoking”
cinnamon buns…🤢

When I was a king and still marginally essential and relevant…
a good work day started with a smoke and a tall cup of coffee.
In today’s fake and gay world… it’s a vape and an energy drink…?

What a strange place the world is now. It’s filled 
with the most ridiculous clowns…
and its hateful and illegal to laugh at them.


  1. I had a friend that drank energy drinks all day. After a checkup for chest pains, the diagnosis was too many energy drinks. He didn't stop. They found him next to his pickup one Saturday morning.

  2. It's also hateful and illegal to kill Commies, but the Commies are going to kill laws through anarchy, so then it won't be illegal. Oops, did I print that out loud? I try to give the fusion centers plenty to chew on for me.
    Marginally legal Tree Mike

  3. 1] you are still a king
    2] did you see that nyc is starting what is essentially a reparations commission?
    we can all be equal only if we are clones!
    what fools these mortals be!

  4. About 10 years ago I was standing in a smoking area listening to a few sailors bragging about the flavors of their vape liquids; "Mine is cinnamon roll", "I've got beans & bacon", etc etc. I don't know why, but I blurted out; "You should get some called TASTES LIKE COCK because you sound like a bunch of faggots." Their Chief completely lost it and nearly fell over laughing. The sailors got up and left, never to be seen be me again. When they were gone, the Chief told me I that what I said was pretty close to what he was thinking.
    That was maybe ten years ago. Today I would probably have had a grievance filed against me, sent to diversity education, and fired anyway.

  5. "You look like the quittin' time whistle at the dipshit factory" Sam Loudermilk

  6. Normally I like a nice cold bong hit. A cold beer or 4. Or a nice tug on my small, easily hidden vape pen of 85 percent Sunday cart goodness. But you would never know it. Cig smokers are a different breed.