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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Stand By: Incoming Message From Sparta


Supposedly if you are as strong and tough and smart as our Greek General and Nursemaid is, you’ll be just fine as you strike back against Darth Vader and his clutzy stormtroopers that undermine our nations. “4th Generation warfare, baby!!!👍”

Welp… in the real world, fourth generation warfare (which is a term used by wanks to describe what is essentially terrorism and guerilla warfare) really doesn’t work that well. In fact, without resupply, logistics and support... It tends to look like this, far more often than not.

Ask the Ukrainians how going it alone is working
out for them…

Oh… you can’t! They’re all sleeping! HAR HAR HAR! I wonder why all the moslem terrorism dropped off so suddenly? Mostly I think, because the mass media has been forced to focus on the right narratives and current things…but you’ll notice there hasn’t been any real high profile terrorism going on, performed by the usual ululating rag heads. Why is that, I wonder?

Part of the reason for that has to be the advent of drone warfare and the willingness to use it. Don't tell me it doesn't work to deter guerillas either. It works just as well on Mohammed as it does on Nestor. It will probably work on you too if ya want to get stupid about it.I just love it when the bleeding hearts all start screaming about collateral damage when moslem jihadists are cut down by a daisy cutter when they are at family weddings and gatherings. To me…? My sentiments are, “you shot up a bus of school kids, Mohammed. Ya blew up a pizza joint full of young people. Ya car bombed an important official in front of a daycare. Collateral damage? Cry me a river ya bloody gimp!” 4th Generation Warfare looks a lot different to natural born leaders of men like Aesop when his own skin, and that of his family are on the line.

But who knows? Assuming it isn’t a LARP, and our General is so angry, so smart and so capable that he will not be dissuaded on making war on ‘them”. Welp…then ya get genocide. That’s when it’s not good enough to just kill him or his family… you have to erase his entire tribe to get any peace.

I get that patriots don’t want to hear any of this. But historically people come, people go, and nations change. I think we are on the cusp of such a change. Look at the monuments and cemeteries for rebel soldiers of Civil War 1. 

I am not saying the bad guys aren't worth fighting and killing... but if ya gonna do it...and you go in without God, Darwin and Murphy on your side....You will probably end up like Mohammed and Nestor.


  1. Felix Dzerzhinsky26 November 2022 at 12:18

    No links: No point.

    WTF are you babbling about? Voices in your head?
    Cut back on the bull squeeze and corn squeeze before you post.

    1. That's odd... I had no difficulty following this logic. He's pointing out how escalation, and other secondary and tertiary effects of conflict are predictable, and planing for them means accepting far greater burdens than one might initially expect when advocating for conflict. If you're going to start something, expect what can be expected, and be prepared to finish it, even in the worst case scenarios, or don't even start it.

    2. I’ll give Aesop that one. He DOES post links…but all it does is prove that there are other people on the internet that are as stupid as he is. He’s been telling us for months the Russians are running out of ordnance and he had the links to “prove it”. And every night like clockwork, the air raid sirens howl, the bombs go off…and the lights go out in the ‘Kraine.

    3. Sure, when you reference facts that are not prima facia obvious, good to post links. When your argument is based in reasoning you fear exceeds the complexity of your audience maybe, good to post links.

      This post was recognizable and understandable without reference to more than the experience any young adult can be certain to have had. No need or call for links in this one.

      The truth stands on it's own. It is it's own authority and needs no other. Truth is the source of authority, not the other way around.

    4. Felix Dzerzhinsky27 November 2022 at 10:08

      And this is why you're still eating the peanuts out of his shit: provide the links where General Aesop said any of that.
      You claim there are months and months of them, so it should be easy to find.
      I say B.S., because I know better.
      Post links to those "months and months", or as usual, you're talking out your ass, just as your header says.

      I read his site. And yours.
      Along with reading Vox, Yon, Bracken, Zero Hedge, and a dozen others.

      You've got some kind of gay crush on Aesop, and you literally pull shit out of your ass he doesn't say, but claim he does, and it just makes you look like a fart-sniffer.
      Then you claim you have secret "boots-on-the-ground" sources, which you never come up with. It's like a class in Blowhard 101.

      This is why your headlines are click-bait, and your claims remain comedy relief compared to the people who can actually think.

      Graduate to the big leagues with the big dogs, or stay on the porch with the little dogs.

      You have some worthwhile posts from time to time.

      It's just that none of them are about Ukraine or Russia.
      You should stick to your promise to stay off that topic until you can back up what you're putting out.

      You'll have a better blog for it, mate.

    5. Well - here’s an expert, Aesop. Of course - you get your info from liberal jews at CNN that lie to you about gun control, that want to censor you, that lied to you about chinkypox, that lied to you about election integrity etc etc etc.from western sources? Show me a link? Why was this incident not part of the discussion? Why hasn’t the Ukrainian bombing of Poland been properly investigated? Why are we still flushing money down the Ukraine faster than it can be printed?

      Oh - and show your work, moron.

      When did you hear about this I

    6. Felix is glowing. Aesop started linking msm crap and I was surprised by that. Rarely go by there anymore.

    7. Felix Dzerzhinsky29 November 2022 at 10:04

      So, you've nothing to offer to back up that ridiculous tirade, and your answer is that I'm General Aesop.
      Happy landings with that one, mate.
      You've done that bit before, too.
      Your gay crush is showing.

      What "incident" are you talking about? You didn't publish a link to it, So one more time, WTF are you babbling on about? You've got a fourth-hand story, and a picture of a few dead soldiers in an active war zone. Egged on by someone bloviating in accord with your own wild assumptions. Voices in your head. Get about more.

      As far as flushing money down the loo, why not ask your glorious premier, Justin Castro?

      Poland was hit by a Russian missile, and has been told (as was Ukraine) to stop blabbing on about it, which is the same reason Sweden and all of NATO have kept mum about Russia blowing up Nordstream. Nobody wants this to spill into the Third World War, but they know who did what, which explains why the closer a country is to the Russian border, the more hardcore anti-Russian they are, with Poland, Finland, and the Baltics leading the parade, followed close-on by the Czechs and Romanians. Probably exceeded only by Moscow conscripts.

      Your speculative takes have descended into simple comedy relief, with your trousers down.
      Post another "absolute, final, last-ever, Russia is winning in Ukraine" post, while you're at it.
      Until next week.

  2. Felix the furball, you know Glen lets you post (as he's moderating out useless bots currently) so we can laugh at you?

    Wander over to the General's blog, he moderates also but loves praise.

    For the rest of us as Nelson said "England expects that every man will do his duty" was a signal sent by Vice-Admiral of the Royal Navy Horatio Nelson,

    Adjust for your own country and read and understand Grahm's Killhouse rules.

    1. I think "Felix" works bed pan detail in Cali somewhere.

    2. Winner winner, chicken dinner. You sir are correct

  3. felix, doesn't notice all the atrocities that happen everyday around the world? he'll really be mortified once the atonement begins. it aint gonna be pretty because it can't be.

  4. The only problem with this " thought exercise" is that if a serious civil war were to start in the US, likely the economy would collapse and the dollar would become worthless. How would they pay the troops then? Likely some units would join the rebellion. There is not enough pain amongst the people to kick this off yet.

  5. Simple J Malarkey27 November 2022 at 09:38

    You mentioned God and darwin in the same sentence……..

  6. Looks like CURRENT Satellite phots are showing massive loss of grid in Ukraine.

    Going to be a cold, dark winter in Ukraine as well as much of Europe BUT the EU's power problems was self-sanctioned issues and a Russian Gas line blown up (by guess who?).

    I wonder if they will blame evil Putin when the US grid blackouts and EBT card issues show up this winter? No grid, no EBT. High Inflation and demonization of food and energy suppliers by the blame ANYBODY ELSE Socialist-Democraps will make any amount of "Look at US GIVING you MOAR Money" Democraps EBT "money" worthless.

    You can fake money but cannot fake a single loaf of bread to buy.

    Winter is here, protect your family. Even IF I am wrong, you're going to eat that food anyway, eh? So, no loss.