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Saturday, 19 November 2022

Technical Issues - Blease Stand By...

 Some retarded wank let the monkey out of the last poast into the Thunderbox Control Room! (I'm lookin at YOU, Cederq!!!) He's got my AR15 and he's pressing buttons willy-nilly and strange things are happening. If I lose your comment - sorry! I am not censoring anyone except the spam bots.

Now some poast comments seem to be going into the responses of other poasts. Until I get that monkey out of the control room... things'll be a little rough around here!

Quartermain! Scramble The Tard Emergency Response Division! Chem-suits! Rubber boots! Face shields and helmets!!! That monkey has a good arm - so make sure the men are properly briefed!

Sorry for the gong show. Must be one of the new hires from Twitter that is running blogger now...

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