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Sunday, 27 November 2022

The PERFECT Turkey Rifle

 Just to be clear - we’re talking about feathered avians, not their two legged human counterparts. Although… I suppose my scholarly expert choice would work on them too! HAR HAR HAR!

When ya reach my age and get a few kills, hunting starts to look much different. If I were to hunt again, it would be purely for meat and for fun, with the emphasis on fun. It doesn’t bother me at all to get skunked. One of the reasons I haven’t killed as much game as other hunters is that I am picky as hell about my shots. I get in close, and put them down with one. Although I was a capable marksman in my day… shooting animals is different, for me. I flat out refuse to chase or risk wounded game. It could happen, I suppose, nobody is perfect… but when I drop the hammer, the end is usually not in question. On targets I will shoot as far out as possible as long as there’s a good backstop.

The perfect turkey gun for the intrepid stubfart does not exist. It will have to be built. If I were to undertake the project - that would mean a black powder muzzle loader. When I say black powder - I mean The Holy Black: we are talking Swiss or Goex or home made… no (hork,spit) substitutes. I’d need a flinter too; cap locks are fine for lesser or more serious sportsmen. But I bend my knee to tradition and period correctness. 

I love the Hawken plains rifles… but for turkeys I’d change it up a bit. How about an elegant Lancaster County longrifle?

Oh my goodness…

These things look awkward and cumbersome, but you’d be shocked at how well they carry in the field.
The kits can often be ordered in various stages of completion, you you’d only have to do the work that you’d be comfortable doing. 

Pick your style or rifle ‘school’. Choose you calibre.  Your grade of wood, your length and style of barrel. The prices may make you gag… but serious rifles aren’t cheap whether they are modern centrefires or top tier front stuffers.

Want to test your nerve and skill? Take ya chisels and carving tools to a tope grade maple stock blank. Go ahead… I dares ya!!! Bonus points if you’re fine with engraving too…

There ya have it - the perfect gobbler gun! One a those, shooting cast, patched round ball? That thing’d be an absolute sweetheart on the range too! .36 calibre, spun at..what? 1:48…? What is the best rifling for the small bores?

I miss the campfire, cigars and whiskey. I think I’m going to stay retired from the hunting game… But if I ever do come out of retirement… I am going to do it in style!

Have a great Sunday fellas. If you’re smart enough to enjoy a project like this… here ya go! If you haven’t filled your tag yet…jump on that, and best of luck to ya!


  1. This how Russian Cops deal with Psychotics…

  2. Brings back memories of the halcyon days of Dixie Gun Works. Still have my Thompson Center .50 cal Hawkin (cap lock), although I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I shot it last. The twist is 1:48, billed as compromise to shoot both Maxi Balls and patched round balls. Shot Maxi Balls a time or two but gave them up. They were a pain to ram down the bore and recoil was a bit stiff for that stock design. It is a tack driver with patched round balls. IIRC, the ideal twist for round balls is 1:66.

    I have never owned a flintlock, however I enjoyed the articles I read about modern day craftsmen who built locks from scratch. Built like a Swiss watch and provided near instantaneous ignition.

    Good info on making black powder here--

  3. So you liked my thinking, eh? That ball spins at 1:60 or 1:80... They 1:40 range is for bullets. Like the REAL or miniball. A spit patch ball does just fine slow.

    My buddy gave me a Kentucky rifle kit in trade for something. I built it. She was just a bog standard CVA kit. I tuned the trigger to my liking, and did an awful job on the browning. She carried well about where the back sight was.

    As to accuracy. I could clip branches off trees with it. And we did out the back side of creation. He shot an Italian Hawken, and I shot the Kentuck. She'd knock the eye out of anything out to 150 yards. And if I wanted to push it hard, I'd put 100 grains in it. If I wanted to bark a squirrel, I'd put 30 grains in it.

    And I made my own accessories. I laid out a possibles bag on an old paper bag, and then made it out of leather. Made my own powder horn, cap box, speed loader for caps, bullet starter, even a grease tin for that accuracy enhancing butter flavored Crisco. Fun times.

  4. Dad built two Issac Haines pattern long rifles back in the day. Prettiest shooters in the safe! I need to get them out and give them both a little range time.


  5. 5 years ago I commissioned Don Bruton to build me one of his Boone rifles in .36 1-48" twist Coleraine barrel iron mounted. He built everything but the barrel and lock. Cost me a months pay and a year to get it. Best flintlock I've ever had. The only way to kill squirrels haven't gotten a turkey yet.

  6. I've had a half finished 40 caliber flintlock for a couple years now. Maybe this year I'll get it done.

  7. I traded my squaw woman who would ball for beads for a Hawken gun.

    Bear Claw