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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Unplugged, Turned Off, Tuned Out

It took me a decade to wise up to the answer to one of life’s biggest annoyances; it was called the ‘off’ button. For years, nothing came close to annoying me more than the $#@%^ clock radio. Broadcasting, along with “journalism” attracts a LOT of lefty liberal subhuman morons that are so stupid…they actually think they’re intelligent. And early every other morn…I’d wake up to some liberal goof reading the news AND giving me his opinion on it. Change the station? Welp - sure. The alternative were the fake morning DJs that “banter”. In other words, they figured the sillier they were, the more entertaining they were. Fake laughter. Unfunny jokes…. Who wants to wake up to that rattle? 

The other option was just as untenable: you could set the thing to wake you up with a ‘tone’ instead. There were two on ours. One sounded like a submarine in a deep emergency dive… and the other sounded like a red alert on the Star Trek enterprise. You could chit the bed in fright waking up to those. 

The wife came up with the answer. She plugs her cell in the bathroom to charge, and sets the thing to play an easy little tune every morning at 5:00 am. I don’t listen to the radio at all anymore unless I’m driving. The second they start talking or advertising…I start flipping stations looking for music. I don’t miss the radio one bit.


  1. Wife and I are similar. I prefer talk radio and she prefers music in the car. Some of the music is nostalgic 80's rock but the modern music with voice sound effects - sounds like two cats getting prison raped. I can't stand that **** either ...

  2. By the mid-80's, I predicted all music would be fed into a computer, the musical and lyrical phrases from hit songs would be rearranged into new hit songs, ad nauseam.

    The film industry is in no better shape.

  3. Yup, everything is either meant to inflame you or make you a dullard. It's crazy world. And I'm with you, I'd rather opt out.

    I was chief engineer of a radio station in Houston back in the early 90's. When the Croatian mess started up, I posted articles about the coming genocide on my door. Classical music gets a lot of lefty holy people in it. Many good conversations were had. Funny stuff was posted in response. My office door was a public square. Then, management said enough. The big muckitys coming through to tour the facility were being offended by the fast and funny postings of wrong think on the door. Those were some fun times. Nowhere near as fun as WKRP.

  4. we have a good classical radio station, non-NPR public, who don't have too much liberal crap, mostly music. If I need an alarm its set to that station, so is the truck radio. Wife listens to a Christian Station with typical sappy music, I find it grating at best, piss poor Christian message, bad "music" and no joy ever in the music. At my PT job I listen to music on the cell phone (it has very little other function for me) An eclectic from Gregorian Chants to Classic Rock, usually New Orleans Jazz or Big Band. I really don't care to be harangued by a bunch of illiterates yammering on and on.

  5. If it's not the Christian station I am listening to the songs on my phone.

    Bear Claw

  6. As to alarms, I found a website that has tv theme songs going back to the 50's. I wake up to the Munsters.

    Actual radio, I stream the BBC shipping report.

  7. Bought a battery-operated alarm clock in 1982. Never let me down. It died 2 weeks after I retired last April.
    I quit watching TV when HDTV came out.
    I don't listen to the radio. Ever. Loaded about 500 songs on an MP3 device for use in vehicles.
    Had to retire my trusty Nokia cell phone recently, network no longer supports it. Got a $40.00 flip phone. So far, so good.

  8. Sir,
    Do you have any information on the radio in the picture? Enquiring minds and all that....
    Thank you in advance.
    Mike in Canada