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Thursday, 24 November 2022

We Steal From Our Children...

 It's nothing new I guess. Back in the 70's, Boomers didn't want to pay the retirement bills for their parents of The Greatest Generation. They downloaded all that onto Gen X - plus the bill for their own retirement. Gen X plans to dump all that on the millenials and Gen Z. They are talking seriously about murdering us en masse and are torn between smothering us with pillows or using the wood chipper, HAR HAR HAR!!!

But it isn't only the big thefts and scams that hurt our kids... it's the little ones.

What's a six year old to make of that...?

Who is the 20 year old posing for...?

Of course, now they preload super hero comic books to push perversion, race baiting and progressive politics under the guise of making the kids more aware of the issues of the day... when in fact, they are indoctrinating them and grooming them. Or they are pandering to the 34 year old incel that hides in the basement with a computer, video games and a jar of vaseline. GAH.

Nowadays we're all PO'd at the idea of Big Brother watching us... but we don't spare a thought for little brother. He's silently watching us too. All the little ones do, and they will emulate what they see.

I shouldn't lecture I suppose. I will poast up pretty girls and even soft porn from time to time. I rationalize it by thinking, 'a little spice never hurt anyone...'. I never ask myself, 'How much spice is too much? And at what cost does it come in at?' I wonder if there is a happy balance or middle ground on this...?


  1. "Spice" is always good.

  2. I presume she's posing for me!

    As for the important question, the answer is because of free money and reelection. Voters either being bribed or milked. An inordinate number of legislators over the last 245 years have been elected for the wrong reasons, and then proceeded to do the wrong things.

  3. I had to double check, thought I was over at the whiney assed vox days site.

    How much spice is too much?
    As much as you want as long as you don't hurt nobody.
    This used to be commonly self explanatory.

    1. I don’t even bother with Vox Day anymore. He has just become a clown at this point. Fact…he always was, I suppose.

      But the kids do have it rough. They can’t afford families or homes of there own. And we keep exporting their jobs or giving them to third world trash that keeps swarming across the border.

      But whadda I know? I tried to teach my kid right from wrong and get her to grow up and got accused of being unsupportive and abusive.

      I think we’re all effing up to be honest…

  4. Humanity is at a once in a million year crossroads. I imagine we will never see this again ever. A time were technology, resources, numbers, climate pretty much everything aligns to where as a specie we can almost defy nature and God himself. There are no facts that cannot be lied about or covered up for at least a large chunk of people to believe that natural laws and therefore faith to not truly exist.
    I have faith that the our own Tower of Babel has been built but we still need to survive Sodom on our own. I plan on giving survival a good shot.

  5. oh ya and a little tasteful spice does not equal Sodom.

  6. I suppose if you wanted to figure out how to do it, you could make the NSFW items not show up in the main feed unless somebody specifically clicked on a link to see it.

  7. I think she's in her mid-30's Glen - she's a bit too saggy for a twenty-something.

  8. I always wonder what is that girl thinking, allowing herself to be exploited like this.

  9. She exploited herself. In twenty years she can cry "Me too" and accuse the camera man because she will ALWAYS be a mental infant. Never once has a woman been held to account EQUAL to a man.