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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Well, Well Well…


Oops. One thing about having women for leaders: the blabber-mouths
and gossips will make keeping any secrets impossible!

My Russian friends have been busy. All this in…what? Just over half a year? Europe is beginning to freeze, and their economies are imploding. Millions of Ukrainian refugees are are being dumped on populations that have no jobs or industry.

How many names are on the Vietnam war memorial? 58,000 and change? How many lives lost in the forever wars in the last 40 years? The Ukes are on track to lose twice that in less than a year. 

A year ago Pete and I were in Starbucks drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. Pete and Mary are shitlibs but they at least try to be respectful of other opinions. When this war opened up they were all in for the Kraine. They were happily exclaiming about how Judmilla and Nestor would pot Russian soldiers with their shiny new AK47s and compost them in the garden. The Russians were all stupid, drunks, their equipment was junk, Putler was insane and he was going to pay!!!

I replied at the time that if they started this war the Ukes would lose, badly. And - they’d deserve it. Well, things heated up and Pete started blustering about how Poland would intervene. I just laughed. I’ve seen figures of around 20,000 dead Polish soldiers so far in this thing too. Is that part of the 100,000? Or on top of that? We may never know. The rest of the discussion went badly. And of course today all I can say is “I told ya so!!!!”… and that is better left unsaid. Like most shitlibs…anyone that disagrees with them is either stupid or evil. When they turn out to be right…why, that’s even WORSE! We still speak but Pete and Mary avoid current events discussions like the plague. As they damned well should - at this point they proved they have neither the intellect or the information to discuss it intelligently.

The hell of it is Pete and Mary aren’t morons. I don’t get it. He’s an engineer, she’s got a college and university education…and yet neither of them will learn anything from this. When this ends badly, they will sit around looking stupidly at one another and wonder how it happened. Then the media will concoct some obviously fake and gay narrative filled with flaws and lies… and it’ll be on to the Next Current Thing. And those 120,000 dead…will be forgotten. At best, there might be some iconic, symbolic photo that might come out of all this - like that one of the Marines raising the Stars n Stripes on Iwo Jima…or the that black and white one from Vietnam where the clipper is shooting an NVA gook in the head with a revolver.

I saw a vid yesterday that could nicely represent this conflict the same way… the Russians had just smoked a Ukrainian APC and took it out with a direct hit. Afterward they were retrieving the bodies inside, or what was left of them. They came out in chunks of shredded meat…you couldn’t even tell they’d once been humans. Their uniforms were charred tatters with the unit patches either burnt or caked in dried blood. The guys were carefully putting the chunks in a garbage bag.

It won’t be much longer, thank God. 


  1. "The hell of it is Pete and Mary aren’t morons."

    That is a recurring theme. My mom is an OVER-THE-MOON Leftie. College educated, too, and was never stupid to start with. Just what the HELL happened here? What is in the WATER???

    1. Well... that IS a stumper, eh Pete? I am just spit balling, and maybe I am full a beans... but I wonder if it isn't like a complex math problem? If you start with flawed data and numbers, as you work through the various phases of the problem, your subsequent work will get ever more erroneous. By the time you finish up, your solution will be orders of magnitude out of whack.
      Hmmmmmmmm.... that holds: consider my buddy Aesop: he is no shitlib. He's supposedly a military man (I have my doubts, but let us concede for the sake of argument) - and he was fully on board too. When he started saying the Russians were all drunks that didn't know what they were doing and had garbage equipment... the failure of intelligence (in both senses of the word) - was mind boggling. There history throughout WW2 and the Cold War is a matter of public record. Assumptions like that require deliberate stupidity as do math problems that get ridiculously more unlikely as you work through them.
      I made mistakes too. I assumed the Russkies would have slaughtered their way into Kiev in a couple weeks. It is abundantly clear now that they could have done so and didn't. I had assumed that today's Russians are the same as their forefathers that booted the third reich out in WW2. Those men aren't the brutes and savages their ancestors were. It is clear now that they are trying to minimize casualties and are willing to take their time to do that. They don't HAVE to act - they can sit back and let the economy we created for ourselves deal with us.

    2. Your buddy AeSlop may or may not be stupid, but he is a duplicitous bullshitter about the Kraine and Rona for sure.
      He indulges in the antivax narrative (now) and preaches and it, but here is a sample from his past maniacal rantings:

      "If you decline the shot, and subsequently get infected, and then pass it on to others, especially those susceptible to serious illness or dying, however, you should be dick-punched for forty days non-stop, and then flogged around the fleet a couple of times, before being allowed to mingle in society again just like every other @$$bag f**ktard who brings their crud to work, or sends their kids to school, when they're sick, and they know it.
      In lieu of flogging, if a suitable whipmaster is unavailable, I would accept staking the miscreant out naked between fire ant hills, slathered with fresh honey every other day, for not less than a week.

      6) That said, even if it's not mandatory for my job, I'd probably still get the vaccine (I like the Moderna non-GMO one more than the Pfizer sub-zero version), because while I'm not in the critical zone, I'm near enough, and for ten months now, I'm working with actual ragingly infected Kung Flu patients daily at bad breath distance, and the opportunity to block getting sick or dying, and cancelling out stupid people's dumbass lifestyle choices, with a couple of shots, looks like a pretty good tradeoff. Once I'm immune, all y'all can be the biggest dumbasses on the planet once it doesn't affect me, and at that point, IDGAF. Which is a pretty good reason for anyone who wants the vaccine to get it, once they have the opportunity."

      That, like much of Kraine rantings will not age well, and there are many other examples such as his screeching that MASKS WORK. A narcissist with sycophantic followers does not benefit anyone.

    3. Nice…very Nice.
      He does do alot of Vocal(typing) Jackin Off.

    4. Glen, I posted this over at Aesop in response to his latest scree on how worthless Russian military equipment, training, tactics and ad nauseam. Will be interesting to see if General Aesop allows it to show up and any reply from the great man.

      Yet somehow, they are a THREAT to the mighty US Lead and Equipped (looking at you Raytheon) NATO?

    5. Chuckle the General deigned to post and reply:

      For laughter only

      Blogger Aesop said...

      Because they are led by an aging and delusional megalomaniac dick-tator, and they possess intercontinental nuclear weapons with demonstrated functionality.
      But you already knew that.

      Did you have any serious questions or comments for a change, or were you just whacking off to the sound of your own fingernails on the chalkboard again?

      November 30, 2022 at 12:27 PM

      Frankly I shocked (Shocked I SAY) Aesop's not publishing the British Rag Daily Mirror (that Aesop admits us he gets some of his stuff from) the stories that Russian Nukes DON'T Work, just a bluff.

      Aesop pre-Ukraine was more fun to argue with. His anti-Russian "Because they are led by an aging and delusional megalomaniac dick-tator" bias renders an otherwise worthwhile chat into a homosexual spew.

      We should PRAY Hard that Putin remains the moderate and Adult in the international "diplomacy" room. Otherwise, Aesop will need sunscreen 1000 for the canned sunshine.

    6. Why does he almost always have to have the faggish dick/cock references included in his screed? It is quite the established pattern of behavior.

  2. Nobody knows for sure what the casualty figures are for either side because both sides lie about almost everything. If Russia was capable of winning this war conventionally they would have by now. Ukraine can cause Russia massive pain but can never defeat them. This will grind on and on till one side decides to quit. Since both side hate the other passionately that may take a long time. The longer it drags on the more likely Russia decides to open the Pandora's box of nukes. No matter what happens it's going to be ugly....for everyone everywhere.

    1. Yes and no, Dan. Yes, they are undoubtedly lying. Our own media tells us obviously preposterous lies every day. But... morons don't bluff well. They will spill the beans as this woman did, and the numbers will track with other, more reliable sources. I think that number is actually much higher, myself.

      We CAN be sure that the Uke military, prior to hostilities, stood in the nieghbourhood of 120 to 160k. Add in the Poles and foreign mercs? That would be what? 200,000K if we go high?
      So... 50% of their military is dead, lights out. How many are wounded and out of commission?

      This is why the infrastructure hits are so devastating. The US for example - estimates that to put one effective war fighter in the field - you need 8 people behind the lines, working in logistics to keep him there. Assuming that ratio holds for the Ukes... that would men they'd have - at best - around 12,500 guys on the lines. How many Poles and mercs are in there? I have no idea.
      I DO know that Russia now has between 15 and17 divisions in the theatre. Close to half a million Russians will be in place before the new year. This war is over, as it stands, right now. It was actually lost about a month ago.
      Vlad can well afford to sit, and concede battle space and be quiet as a church mouse while his enemies make fatal mistakes. He'll get it all back when the military collapses. At this point, all we are doing in prolonging this is making it harder for ourselves when we send the Ukes to the negotiating table.

    2. "Close to half a million Russians will be in place before the new year."
      Two questions:
      1) Will any of them be alive?
      2) Will any of the live ones still have boots or rifles?

      "This war is over, as it stands, right now. It was actually lost about a month ago."
      You keep saying that. For ten months now. March. April. May. June. July. Two months ago. Last month. This month. Last week. It doesn't make it so, no matter how hard you wish it were true. You're like Charlie Brown tryin' to kick a football.

      Dan is right. It's never going to happen. Russia is advancing on Moscow day after day. Not Kiev. That tells me everything I need to know.

  3. During the second World War, Ukraine trusted the Germans, the people were turned into slaves, and the country was turned into rubble when liberated by Russian troops. Of course, to the victor goes the spoils, and again, they were treated badly by Stalin.

    Now, with corrupt leaders in power, A tremendous amount of money was laundered to "help" the Ukraine people, and sent to Democrats in the United States to steal votes. Meanwhile, with a huge amount of military supplies sent to Ukraine for the soldiers, it's becoming apparent this will end under scrutiny, and the Ukraine soldiers will find all the sophisticated weapons are useless, except for propaganda. They shine, but don't shoot, and all the hype doesn't hide the fact they are about to endure a world class ass-whipping this Winter.

    History show many things, but unless universities actually educate their minions, it will repeat at the cost of thousands, if not millions, of innocent lives. Those most responsible will find sanctuary, or be killed, and those that financed the entire event will sip wine in their hidden sanctuaries.

  4. They're not morons. Worse. They're specialists.

    Officers? 100,000? OFFICERS?
    Steve S6

    1. Yep and a few hundred thousand grunts. It came out early on that Uke dead and wounded were left on the battle field. Wounded ate up resources and acknowledging dead required death benefit payments to relatives and reporting casualties was bad PR.
      Orks (The Rulers Of Western Mankind) aren't nice.
      Tree Mike

  5. “If Russia was capable of winning this war conventionally they would have by now. ”

    Replace Russia with USA for Iraq,Afghanistan, Syria,Libya….Vietnam…
    What else am I missing?

    This seems to be a BS Talking point
    Spread like the Clap thru a Frat House.

    Tells me all I need.

  6. Nurse Ratchet does have a very nice propaganda video today about cardboard and pot metal.

  7. BTW Glen when Aesop was posting here under Felix, I found out something interesting about him.

    Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (Polish: Feliks Dzierżyński [ˈfɛliɡz d͡ʑɛrˈʐɨj̃skʲi];[a] Russian: Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский;[b] 11 September [O.S. 30 August] 1877 – 20 July 1926), nicknamed "Iron Felix", was a Bolshevik revolutionary and official, born into Polish nobility. From 1917 until his death in 1926, Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU, establishing a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet regime. He was one of the architects of the Red Terror[2][3][4] and decossackization.[5][6]

    Decossackization a nice way to say the betrayal and genocide of the Cossacks.

    Red Terror the same but under a fake Counterrevolutionary leadership to draw out for betrayal and murder of them and their families by the Communists.

    Interesting Aesop hides behinds such a screen name. He's QUITE Literate so I KNOW he knows exactly what he chooses.

    1. Aesop is controlled opposition.
      And if you're reading this, shithead, realize that most will not be merciful with the likes of you that advocated torturing and killing those of us that didn't get jabbed.
      Fuck you. No Amnesty.

  8. 100 thousand, thousand, thousand dollars. 100 billion dollars.
    Get it out of the US asap. To Ukraine, right? Because I guess it is closer than Nigeria. Scam of the century.

  9. To your point,if you haven't seen it - - with an incredible video (no, not from 1967, general). The poor Ukrainian population.

  10. pray for all the innocents of every nation
    the suffering is going to be terrible especially in winter

  11. In the Soviet system (which is what they're still using), for every officer, there are about 5 soldiers. 100,000 dead officers. Do the math.

    1. The number’s good. She meant to say ‘soldiers’ or ‘militants’. The Kraine wanted an official apology from the EU for this leak, and they refused. Just another sign of the cracks in the Europe-Kraine-America allegiance…

  12. I find that those types that bag on Russia are usually working from a flawed premise. And that is that Russia wants Ukraine. Seems to me what I've been reading is that they'll take what they want - the Donbass, and the coast - the lions share of ethnic Russians and the productive part of the country. They'll leave the busted relic of Ukraine for the Poles and Nato to deal with. We Americans look at it from our military doctrine, and that's wrong. The ground freezes up over there, and they'll finish slaughtering the UK soldiers, and busting their stuff. And if you think they won't do the same thing to us should NATO get official, think again. All fun and games until your big shiny expensive carrier goes down. You have to assume they've gamed this out. And part of the game is to bleed NATO countries, which is happening. They have all the time in the world.

    1. Yep. They definitely want Odessa and Kherzon. And - they can wait. Why risk massive battles and casualties for them when you will have them peacefully surrendered to you in the next couple months.
      I guess Poland is a wild card and they now have designs on the western Kraine. All I can do is shake my head. These pipsqueak nations keep taunting that bear, even after watching him shred the Donbass and the rest of the Kraine.

  13. Speaking of otherwise smart people being stupid, I was on a call with some of my Canuck colleagues. One dude - no lie - 5 vax jabs, and is utterly convinced they worked to make his covid, gotten after 3 or 4 more mild. Also thought the people that blame Turdo for Canada's issues these days were stupid.

    1. Turdo has his allies. Our elections are decided in the big Canadian cities: Tranna, Mon Trail, and Hongcouver and that is where his power base is. We are a lot more socialist than you Americans are, and consequently we have very, very big govt. Our swamp makes yours look like a vacation utopia. Turdo has a lot of very powerful people behind him.They hate the working man and make no secret of it nowadays.

      Mind you... he is making some very powerful enemies to. The working man is easy to lead provided he's got his beer, potato chips, couch - and a good game of sportzball on TV. Alot of them are losing all that and are beginning to follow the antics in Ottawa... and are getting sick of it. Maybe something good will come of it? At this point I doubt it but I am hopeful...