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Friday, 16 December 2022

Ask A Stupid Question...

Errrmmmmmmm.... the Artemis program? That one designed to put the first vagina on the moon?

Yeah. About that...? How're they gonna do that, exactly? 

If this politically correct re-make of the Apollo program goes forward... aren't they going to require a lunar landing module.? If so... what will that look like? From what I'm seeing on the Innertubes... they haven't really refined or defined that section of the mission profile yet. I'd kinda think that would be sorta important at this stage of the game...? 

This is shaping up to be a repeat of Female Ghostbusters, inninit? Sigh. Let me save the usual suspects the trouble:

"Oh, shut your friggin pie hole, Filthie!!!!"

All we know is that it will look something 
like this...

...or this...

Or this... etc...

Quartermain! Cederq!!! Will you guys do the honours and strike up a catchy rhythmic beat on the bongos?

*Ahem. Ka!!! HACKAFFFF!!!!*

A nogger gooned my buddy Pete

wit Blackie on da moon.

He bleed and swell and spit up blood

wit Blackie on da moon!

Illegals clogged the emergency wards,

But Blackie's on da moon

It will be conquered not by man

But by a vibrant and diverse baboon...

OKAY! Alright, already!!!! That's NOT how it goes!!!! Sheesh!!! Here is the proper version!


  1. I wanna watch 'em try to park that POS...

  2. Umm, you DO realize that SpaceX was awarded the (first) contract for the "final leg" of going from the Lunar Gateway to the surface of the Moon, weren't you? Probably not, y'all aren't a space junkie like me. Just ask CederQ.

    So, it'll look like the current Starship without the Flamps and Flings (those funny winged surfaces used for re-entry control) and will have a ring of engines high up (to avoid stirring up the Lunar Dust as little as possible.) No heat tiles since no atmosphere, it's strictly for shuttle work to/from Lunar orbit to surface.

    Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) sued NASA because SpaceX was the sole winner of the contract, all the rest of the proposals were waaaaay too expensive AND Elon can do what he says he will do at the cost he quotes. So, winner winner chicken dinner for SpaceX. And then...

    NASA later (okay, CONgress) decided a second "winner" was needed and let out another contract for a lunar lander which is NOT bullet-looking, but also leaves a lot of crap behind on the surface of the Moon when ascending to the Gateway. All the Lunar Starship leaves is footpad prints in the dust.

    Starship also carries a helluva lot more CARGO than the other proposals. As usual, SpaceX is smacking down the competition and not bothering to take names. Good on 'em!

    You're not ignorant, Filthie, just uninformed. Got to Lab Padre's site for real-time videos of the R&D site at Boca Chica, Texas (called, appropriately enough, "Starbase") to see what's shakin'. I sure wish we had had the technology to look "over the shoulder" of the NASA subcontractors when The Space Race was going on, but it probably would've been Classified at hte time!

    Hope this helps...

    1. Are they leaving the cameraman behind this time to film the lunar lander lifting off?

  3. As I remember it the last co-ed mission on a NASA space craft had some problems.

  4. What a waste of trillions.
    But let the 3rd world garbage in!!!

  5. Only way I can carry a tune is with two empty five gallon homo depot buckets...