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Thursday, 22 December 2022

Haven’t been on cross country skis in years.

It’s all changed now. The new skis are super thin and super short. The boots and
bindings are all different.
I don’t think you can even buy wooden skis anymore.

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  1. Being a So. Cal. boy, no skiing for me, until Cal. Army Guard sent my tank support unit to Camp Ripley MinnaSOHtah for winter survival training. Got trained on cross country skiing on (I think) WWll, Norwegian equipment. Had fun. Got an official certificate for the Way,Way, Way Below Zero Club. Don't remember the actual temp, but with wind chill it was 90 below. The wind never stopped. The tanks (M-48, M-60), and trucks just ran 24/7, with fuel trucks always on the prowl. Two weeks of "Well, THAT was different!" Also, added that to the list of shit "Not to do again!".
    Tree Mike