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Monday, 19 December 2022


I wonder what’s really going on the Kraine now. Every time ya turn around, they have different guns. I’ve seen M16s, SCARS, these SA80’s, AKs, boutique sniper rifles… and like two weeks later, you see the Russians posing with it and all their other captured gear and ammo. If they’re just dropping it and running away…what’s the point of arming them in the fist place?


  1. "Volunteers" (and contractors) bring all their bitchen shit. Then they die exactly like a genuine Ukrainian. Pardon my So. Cal., 60's teen slang, seemed appropriate. Hell, I used to have a bitchen bike. Aahhh...the good ole days.
    Tree Mike

  2. From the genuine interviews I've seen of US volunteers, the Russians have no taste for personal combat. Instead they are using precision arty to absolutely decimate Ukrainian forces.

    There is a kid who tells his story how every unit he was with was totally annihilated, with himself being the only or very next to only survivor.

    There are also two jaded Marines painting the same picture in a much less shell-shocked way. In fact it is those two interviewed separately, that pretty much agree Russians don't have any fight in them, but that they really don't need it because the Ukrainians aren't really able to stand toe to toe with them anyway.

    The interviewer is a British guy who pretty much says in Iraq we were after the low-tech guys in sandals, in the Ukraine, we are the guys in sandals!

    The Russians are posing with battlefield scavenge I imagine, easy to do when nothing is left living on the battlefield but your side, I think.

    But then, what do I know, I'm not there, it is just what I saw on video.

  3. The Ukeleles are selling it to Ivan like Milo Minderbinder.

    1. It's for the syndicate Yossarian, everyone gets a piece....

  4. Probably be a lot more credible if you weren't posting pics from rando training, with blank firing adapters in place.

  5. BritRifle... the SA-80 bullpup in 5.56mm. Possibly the worst modern rifle ever made. Hated by... well fucking anyone who's ever had to use one... I think given the choice the squaddies in Jolly Ole would do a battlefield swap-out of those POS for -anything- they could given the choice/chance...
    And yeah, rando-training pic LOL