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Thursday, 29 December 2022


“It’s pronounced ‘Kiev’. Not

It’s Kee-Ev. Say it right, you bloody tosspots!!!
Or else!


  1. I still refer to the country as "The Ukraine". I wonder why they dropped it? We say "The United Kingdom", "The Philippines", "The USA", etc.

    1. It's "the Ukraine" which is the Borderlands of Russia. Kiev was the Original Capital, it was moved to Moscow because of all the Assholes in Europe trying to Invade. Moscow is just far enough that an Army on Foot gets there Just in Time for General Winter to show up. It works just as well if they try and Drive, too.

      "Country 404" is a creation of the zooish bankster oligarchs who tried to take over Russia and the remnants of the Soviet (zooish bolshevik) Union. Russian Patriots, like Vladimir Putin, have Re-Taken Control of the Nation from the BIS/WEF Banksters, and are now in the process of "Cleaning Up" the Borderlands.

  2. I dunno calling Zelensky the "Queef Queer' sounds better than the "Kiev Krackpot'.