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Saturday, 17 December 2022

Peer To Peer



  1. Wow
    Flashback time, as well as OMFG I've flown on a -lot- of them birds. On the right, the Russkie birds? Mi-8 and Mi-17. That's it. In Affy when flying around with Northern Alliance folks and doing dastardly deeds.. one thing about Ivan's bird, no frills. No soft edges. Utilitarian like a stone cold motherfucker.
    On the left side?
    CH-53? The "Jolly Green Giant?" Fucking thing wa sso old and worn... not kidding AT ALL but it was leaking -so much- 'cherry juice' (hydro-fluid) that while boarding with the VSAT system I was delivering to the Jarheads, I slipped and no bullshit, to this very day my back and leg are tweeked if I step the wrong way..... fucker.

    The 47, 60, UH-1 (only one time, a Blackwater owned bird) and the V-22?
    Purely LOVE the Chithook (Chinook C-47).... most room, most reliable, bestest bird evvar.
    The 60? Hard bird to kill... 2007, was on a flight between Basra and Baghdad when we took a 'glancing blow' by a ground fired RPG (the warhead didn't go off, but seriously fucked up the right engine nacelle... like as in tore it off...) We limped back to the nearest6 base while shitting ourselves sideways.
    UH-1? No comment, great bird but the NDA is still in effect
    The V-22? Like riding a rollercoaster. On fire. While nekkid. While on Acid.
    Nuff said on that Aye?
    Just some IRL Squaddie experiences Glen, hope you enjoyed.

    1. I fear and loathe all rotorcraft BCE. The devil rides in those machines, and you truly have to cut a deal with him just to fly them. To do it well, you have to be part pilot, part crane operator and part satanist! I can fly the RC variants poorly on a simulator but would never bother with them otherwise.

      As a kid back in the 80s, one of my shop teachers was a chopper pioneer in the far North. He was both a pilot and mechanic and graduated with a class of 50 others when he was in the RCAF. 20 years later…he was the only one still alive from his class.

      Hey - thanks for stopping in! 😉👍 visitor content is always appreciated! Have a great Sunday!