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Friday, 16 December 2022

Today's Misinformation...

 ... comes from the Smallhold! HAR HAR HAR!!! Or at least... it's in the comments where I profusely pooped myself!!! HAR HAR HAR!


General Aesop weighed in with his usual content, and I did too. I am still rootin' for Pootin because I believe he now has the moral and strategic upperhand in all this. But... whadda I know? 

At the beginning of all this General Aesop told us the war would be over in weeks with the Kraine victorious and the Russians in ruins. Obviously that hasn't happened, and if anything - the reverse is true. The lights have gone out in the Kraine, Zelensky is begging for billions of dollars and donations and for a NATO intervention. He wouldn't be doing any of that if things have been going well. 

On my side of the debate, I said that the Ukes were going to be destroyed and that the Kraine would cease to exist as a country. Clearly, that hasn't happened. As PP showed in his poast - we are getting all manner of BS from the mass media and their finger puppets that it's gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. Apparently the Russians are gonna lose now because all their ammo is too old, HAR HAR HAR! This… as trainloads of T90 tanks flood in to bolster the Russian line. 

Welp... again... no, the Russians are not idiots. They are not the drunks and goofs that our media mavens would have us believe. They will monitor their stocks, cull the questionable lots or sell them to their vassals in the third world the same as we would. And no, the barrels on their guns aren't going to wash out, they aren't running out of microchips, no - they DO have the proper winter gear and they know how to fight - and fight well - in arctic climates. They learned a few lessons from their failure in Afghanistan, which the Americans still have not. The Russians are smart enough to use their old stocks first. This kind of thing is why Aesop makes an ass of himself: he - along with the idiots in the media and the govt - think the Russians are stuck in the 1990’s where the govt and military were run by well connected incompetents,  alcoholics, and criminals. They are strangely oblivious to the fact that that is exactly where their own govt and military is headed. Hell… it’s there already.

And yet… I have screwed the pooch too. My estimate was that the parties would be at the negotiating table by now. Vlad literally has control of the Kraine. In short order he will have between 15 and 17 strapped divisions  in place, with more on the way. And still…the overwhelming Russian offence has not come. To me… that implies that Vlad doesn’t want the Kraine…only certain portions of it. He can certainly afford to wait; western Europe is now starving for fuel, supply chains are shattering, and social programs are caving under the influx of Uke refugees. Biden is stealing and laundering money through the Kraine faster than he can print it. Europe is teetering on the edge of rebellion against their globalist rulers. Is that Putin’s plan? Is he that shrewd?

Some other narratives that don’t add up. The Javelin missiles: if you recall they supposedly had kill ratios north of 90%. I believed this too. Supposedly they’d render the tank obsolete… and yet the Kranians ditched them in massive numbers. The Russians now have more of them than we do. Why did they fail so spectacularly?

The other incongruent narrative is the one about trench warfare tactics. Supposedly the vast number of Uke casualties are due to Russian artillery. They literally get shredded by arty before they ever see a Russian. There’s an element of truth to this but… consider Iwo Jima. The navy pounded the effing SNOT out of that little island with artillery…and the Americans still had to pay in blood for every inch of that island they took. Why would artillery be so ineffective against the Japanese, yet so effective on the Ukes?

Confounding things further: Russia is now fighting NATO. Europe has acknowledged that 100,000 Uke servicemen are dead. That would leave 40,000 or so… at most. Given that they are lying about everything, I suspect the number is probably much higher.

The only thing the General and I got right is that this thing should have been over long, long ago. Why is it still a thing? What’s sustaining it other than stupidity?

The mind wobbles.


  1. This is good stuff-

  2. Iwo Jima had Japanese dug into caves and tunnel networks inside a solid rock mountain. They added to the existing volcanic tunnels with concrete bunkers.

    The Ukes are in muddy wood reenforced (in some places) trenches OPEN to airbursts and simply getting buried by the blasts.

    AIMING of Artillery in WW2 was observing where they THOUGHT Japs were shooting from and walking naval gunfire onto the target. Knowing IF you killed them or not was left to the Muddy Footed Infantry to find out.

    Static warfare is SO WW1, makes you wonder what the American "Trainers" had in mind aside from making it a slow MESSY slaughter.

    Between Russian IR drones and such the muddy footed Uke Infantry is just sitting there hoping they don't get blasted into dogmeat.

  3. Glen, if you have Vlad's email address, will you please forward? Thanks pal. Hey Vlad, the Portland City council, along with the Mayor, are spreading lies about you. They're said you're loading up your nukes. They also said they hoped you didn't get anything for Christmas. Thought you'd like to know.

    1. Vlad responds:

      "Comrade Filthie,

      After the atomic blast, please ensure there are no survivors in Portland.

      When are you going to visit me at my dacha again? I will look forward to treating you to a Russian feast of boiled cabbage and vodka! After a good boar hunt, of course!

      Chez voz me,


      Would you like to be a Russian henchman like me, A? :)

  4. Felix Dzerzhinsky16 December 2022 at 09:45

    "At the beginning of all this General Aesop told us..."
    No, he didn't, nor even anything even remotely close, and you know that, or should. I've scoured his blog to try to back you up, but it cannot be done. But you keep repeating these obvious lies because you can't walk away from your man-crush, and you can't stop sticking your finger into the Ukraine dung pie to taste it just one more time.
    Between the two of you, you're the running joke, and the only one who can't hear how stupid it sounds over the sound of your own awesomeness.
    For the love of all that's holy, stick to what you know. It isn't anything on this topic, and you've been wrong on it so many times even you've lost count. Take a hint from yourself there.
    Even your fanboys here are getting tired of it.

    1. HAR HAR HAR! Sorry, Aesop... but the internet is forever. I can't be bothered with screen shots and such, but not only did you fall for that, you fell for the chinkypox hoax (and later lied about that too as you reversed yourself). Before that it was ebola, and before that, it was bombardment be repurposed hobby drones. And for the record, my ratings have gone through the roof according to the Blog-O-Meter. We're getting 8000 hits a day now. I just learned that I cleared 4 million on the odometer a couple months back. Thanks for being part of that number!

      You don't have to hide behind sock puppets and fake accounts here, General. You are as welcome to poast your stuff as the next fella.

      And for the record, your wishful thinking about my man crush is also in error. I love Cederq, Pete F, and Quartermain...

      Shit! Did I say that out loud?!?!? Don't judge me, you wretched retards!!!

    2. Felix Dzerzhinsky AKA General Aesop it's interesting such a well read and historically literate soul as yourself would choose such a name to post here on Filthies.

      Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (Polish: Feliks Dzierżyński [ˈfɛliɡz d͡ʑɛrˈʐɨj̃skʲi];[a] Russian: Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский;[b] 11 September [O.S. 30 August] 1877 – 20 July 1926), nicknamed "Iron Felix", was a Bolshevik revolutionary and official, born into Polish nobility. From 1917 until his death in 1926, Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state-security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU, establishing a secret police for the post-revolutionary Soviet regime. He was one of the architects of the Red Terror[2][3][4] and decossackization.[5][6]

      So, you're choosing to go from a Greek crippled dwarf that loved children a little too much (even for Greeks) to a important Communist Party member that murdered literally thousands of Russians and Decossackization is a nice term for recruiting the Cossacks (Russian Patriots) under a false flag Pro-Tsar group and then murdering them and their families in your betrayal.

      But then again sometimes I wonder just who you really are employed by. Lots of pro-Gov narrative and inciting posts across your never shut down blog.

      Got eat a concrete warhead Aesop, you know the one you posted Russians were using because they are running out of weapons.

    3. Felix Dzerzhinsky

    4. Hey! Now hold here one damn Russian fucking moment. Ain't no one said anything about this love ya'll espousing here. I don't do guys... nope. Besides, none ya are my type.

  5. the crooks are using it to pay themselves. and as far as the arty goes, the japs where smart to dig themselves into the ground with lots of overhead cover. the ukes, not so much. from what I heard my uncles say, they had to roll barrels of gas down into the tunnels with a charge attached to it to get rid of them.
    the war goes on because it pays for it to go on. it all about the money.

    1. It has to be something like that, its the only thing that makes sense. But - what about the failure of the Javelin and other high tech NATO armaments? I heard they are going to send in Patriot missile batteries - and all the experts and Russians are laughing themselves silly and wondering who is in charge in the US...

  6. I just read recently that in some areas, the front line troops are only separated by a kilometer at most. Because of that, the Russians aren't even bothering to use artillery, but are pounding the Ukes with mortars and grenade launchers.

  7. When the Russians finally get to the Ukrain capital they will find and share the documents that prove the Biden boys(sniff & snort) are thieves. Biden will take us to war with Russia to cover up his corruption.

  8. I still don't understand why people think Putin's the bad guy. The blind morons need to start sniffing around 2013-2014 Ukraine. See what Victoria Nuland, Bitch Obama and the other crooked bastards have done.

  9. I sometimes wonder if Putin is in on the scam. Maybe he's getting a cut from all the money that's getting laundered through Ukraine and that's why the war is being dragged out so long. Is it just another forever war to benefit the elites? I pretty much don't trust anyone in a position of power anymore and all the news just sounds like propaganda to me.

  10. As many, many others have pointed out, it really comes down to logistics, and Russia can outproduce the West easily. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT AND ARE SELF SUFFICIENT IN THE RAW MATERIALS NEEDED.
    General Felix needs to get off his schtik and admit he's wrong, but he won't.

  11. Anon @ 11:52, that's my fear also. Putin is a WEF grad. Maybe Russia in collusion with the WEF (commies) and their grads in all levels of all governments, is the tool to economically, socially, militarily destroy the current, rotten, West. Maybe, possibly, the good guys come out on top, but I wouldn't bet on it. I don't see any way out of the psyops, war without shit tons of Commie, Normie deaths. Once the elect grid goes down, most people are gonna die. Don't seem to be feeling particularly optimistic this eve.
    I live in the sticks, and all my neighbors are farmer, worker, sniper, country folk. Hopefully we'll band together, rather than raid each other.
    Tree Mike

  12. Putin may be that shrewd. He can see that the sanctions are in Russia's long term interest, he can see that he's grinding up NATO material faster than NATO can produce it, he can see now that our wunderwaffen are optimized for political effectiveness, not military effectiveness...he's got no reason to rush to finish this. As long as he can keep the Russian people satisfied with waiting, I think he's going to drag this out.

  13. I suspect given Russian's attempts after the fall of the USSR to be treated as Equals in western society that Putin accepted WEF "stuff" until he noticed it included destroying Russian culture and national sovereignty.

    Putin's speeches and actions show he's not a WEF actor promoting Globohomo.

    1. Yup, and it’s one of the reasons I align with Vlad and not with Joe. Just the other day Vlad outlawed homo propaganda and will stamp it out wherever it raises its ugly head.

      Joe has a veritable freak show running his administration and it shows. Hell, he’s a pedo himself, as is his son. Until the west finds a way to get these clowns under control… it cannot hope to win any further foreign engagements.

  14. To answer your questions:
    * Javelin anti-tank missiles: We sent them the older ones, with expired batteries. And they aren't quite as simple as advertised. And they take a minute to warm up and at least ten seconds to acquire a target.

    * Trench warfare - the Japanese had rocky volcanic islands or dense jungles to hide in. Ukraine is famous for its deep black dirt/mud and enormous plains. It's not famous for its forests, for good reason. And the US in 1944 didn't have drones with digital cameras to relay targeting information in real time directly back to the artillery batteries.