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Thursday, 15 December 2022

True North


I wonder what the legalities of that are?

Oh, well!!! It’s the law of the land! Hey Justin - if you are ever feeling down and unloved… or if any of your pedophile/homosexual/tranny supporters are ever having an existential identity crisis…assisted suicide might be right for you too! And I’ll be happy to help ya with it! AR15 style!



  1. If "assisted suicide" is now acceptable there in Canuckistan perhaps some brave intrepid woodsman could arrange for Justin Turddoo the Cuban Bastard to receive some "assistance" in committing suicide.

    1. That would be a fine idea. Maybe arrange for a backwoods sex change for the wispy flimp.

    2. YUCK! Keep that to yerself, Texon.
      Please, I beg you!!