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Friday, 24 March 2023

Brothers From Other Mothers


So…apparently this is DMM’s new baby…

…and this is mine…

Aaaaand… DMM (blog guest Don’t Mind Me) is looking for a name for the new doggo! I am horrible at names… but if I were to take a swing at it…and if that cute little peanut is a girl…and if someone were foolish enough to let me name her…. I’d call her “Hattie”. I’ve only ever heard of one ‘Hattie’ in my life: she was this big, fat ugly Canadian shitlib blogger. She displaced more tonnage than an aircraft carrier, was twice as ugly, and was pished at the world…but she had a distinctive name going for her, if nothing else, HAR HAR HAR! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Good doggos deserve distinctive names! If you’re so inclined…we will take suggestions  for DMM’s baby, from the responsible adults in the comments!

Today’s Misinformation


More pretty lies! Sadly, this is what happens when ya turn ya medical resources over to street chitters! Why - I remember a couple times when… ya know what? Who’s the retard that brought this unsavoury subject up anyways! Pretty lies about three-phase detection…?!? Haaarummmpppfff! HAKAFFF!!! 

Let us leave this foolishness aside and have us some wholesome Friday music!πŸ‘

Burn Fwance, Burn

Burn, you f***ers!!!

I guess Fwance is on fire, and Macron is crapping his pantaloons in fright as mobs of peace loving socialists loot and burn peacefully protest the demise of their early retirement and cushy pension plans. I don't have sympathy for either side in that one. All those union slobs made their bed 20 or 30 years ago when they held the gubbimint hostage, put a gun to their heads, and made them commit to pension plans they didn't have money for. Now they are going for their free money that they voated for themselves and 'negotiated' for all those years ago... and guess what? Eat cat food, you socialists sonsabitches! HAR HAR HAR!!! If you need more matches, or gasoline or retarded cannon fodder, I'll be happy to contribute to your cause!

I shall play the world's tiniest violin as Macron is torn to shreds by the monsters his predecessors helped create. I think it is a scene that will repeat throughout the Globohomo Empire in the days ahead. A lot of folks are saying "Jump, you f***ers!!!" when it comes to our ruling class banksters and politicos... but there are a lot of working class turdbirds that should be pitched out the window with them.

I’m So Old I Remember The Toilet Tubes


Jeez. Air guns, eh? On OyTube, there’s channels where grown men buy super expensive precision air guns, put top of the line Nightforce optics on them…and then start sniping pests around the farm. With optics I’d wager they have at least $3k into them. And the BB guns now!!! They’ve got Schmeisser MP38s, Mauser machine pistols and other BB firing replicas. When I was a kid, there were BB lever guns and that’s it! I did pretty good with mine…I’d pick off bees, dragonflies, and other bugs. Then I’d go down to the ditch and hunt small frogs and spring peepers. My BBs came from the store in cardboard cylinders that held two or three hundred…and I went through them like a machine gun. I’d chew through the BBs and dream of Winchesters and Remingtons I’d own one day…

Of course today the kids fight mutants and monsters with heavy artillery on the computer. They fly CF18s into combat and they know more about peripherals and electronics than I do today…We’re it not for their parents…I’d say today’s kids would easily have it as good or better than we did.


And Now Ya Know…


An 8 Shooter…?

 I swear…if they ever bring back licensed concealed and open carry laws in Canada… I am going back to the days of black powder and percussion cap! What handsome charmer this one is…. I wonder what model it is?

Today’s Canadian Content: Klymitt Change


I wouldn’t, if I were you…

Well… they don’t make weather like they used to. Yesterday me and the dawgs decided we’d go down to the Duck Pond and see how the local hockey team was doing. When we got there the team was packing up - the ice was as rotten as a wet cabbage fart, and the Retard Rockets lost both their D-Men when they went through the ice and didn’t come up again. It was hotter n’ blazes out! I went out with no gloves, no long johns, and wore my flop hat rather than a toque! Mort rolled in the snow to cool down, and my new niglet pup wallowed in the slush and puddles. She just loves the water.

The rink down at the tard playground was rotten too! There’s grass pokin’ up here n’ there just waiting to grab ya skate and snap your ankle! With all this climate change going on, I guess the tard hockey season is over.

The snow does stick together good though. I lobbed a gentle underhand highball slushie at Hannah and it caught her totally by surprise. It came straight down on her head with a satisfying splitch… and the crazed little nogger got the zoomies and flipped out in happiness the way pups do. She ran hither and yon eating slush and snow and yapping like an ankle biter. I suppose this was the first spring day of her life. 

But…if we hustle… we might still get in one last ice fishin’ trip! Get your maggots and Russian spoons out everyone! We’re gonna have to move fast!



Thursday, 23 March 2023

I Said DANCE, You Polecat Retards!!!


The Filthie Arrowsmith

 A couple years back I decided to return to the great pastimes of my youth - archery. I actually got quite good at it, performing at a sub-Olympic level for a few years. Then I acquired target panic…and it was all over. I also discovered that the pro shooters I competed with were largely cheaters, poseurs or blowhards and I left the sport. 

I’m back in now, but as a gentleman-sportsman, unconcerned with cut throat competition or the other shooter’s follies and foibles. I now compete only with the bum in the mirror and it’s great. I bought the year’s top line bow, put on best sights and accoutrements…and started trying to figure out my arrows. I am conservative in my approach to the shooting sports, preferring the things with established reputations for high performance and reliability rather than the fashions of the day. I found a super deal on Bloodline arrow shafts and bought 3 dozen. With care…that’s enough to last me the rest of my life. I special ordered 175 grain fieldpoints to match my 175gr. hunting warheads. I finished it off with a classic three fletch with  3-1/2” offset…and I was in business! The finished arrow came in at 525gr and came off the bow at a conservative 258 FPS. It was balanced to my preferences with a full 18% FOC. The perfect arrow, according to Filthie!!! 😊

I made these arrows with the same care
and deliberation that God did when he chose his Apostles.
The points were forged, the shafts assembled
in a cave in the side of a live volcano.
Tibetan monks blessed my arrows.
They glow and fly with divine light!!!

Praise be to God Almighty.
I am starting to shoot like me again.
After half a lifetime…

Perfect for the indoor plinking and casual Turkey Shoot tourney! Perfect for hunting too - unless I hit bones this arrow should go right through a deer with ease. Not so great for the 3D tournaments though, where the shots can be long, and errors in judgement of distances can become critical.

King Peter is insisting that I develop a lighter, faster speed demon arrow - and gave me two dozen shafts that he couldn’t get to fly for him. I tried to politely refuse…but Pete was adamant. And he does have a bit of a point. I’d hate to lose my precious stash of arrows on the 3D course…and he was giving them away…so…with some misgivings I took the lot.

Archers fight about bow and arrow set ups the same way gunnies do about calibres, pet loads, techniques etc. And fuggin Pete…he worships at the altar of speed. I took the arrows he made, fired a few and they cam off the bow in the mid 285 FPS range. That’s nothing for gunnies, but in archery…that is a huge step up in velocity. But hell’s bells…like guns, everything in archery is a trade off. Usually (but not always) speed comes at the expense of accuracy.

The FOC on Pete's arrows were terrible; no wonder they didn't fly for them. He's a big far kid shooting at 75 lbs, and off his bow, these things moved at over 300 FPS. Sure, I pick up tons of speed with these; and yes, it follows that range estimation is far less critical as a result. But jeez...getting a decent groupd out of these things is like pulling teeth!!! In my world... this is unacceptable.

I am going to tell Pete he can have them back... and if he refuses to take them... I will deal with them myself. I will cut them down a couple inches, and add some weight up front to bring that FOC bac into spec... and then we'll see what effect that has on velocity. It's just like guns... there ain't no such thing as a free lunch...

The tinkering continues apace. Thans for dropping by - keep your corners square, and keep your score cards honest.


Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Via Dut Toit

 No surprises here.

Just so nobody's surprised... especially today's concerned parents... your kids didn't learn a damn thing over the last two years of Covid either. Not that your unionized, pooch screwing "public educators" will admit it. 

Your kid will graduate from school two years dumber than you were when you got your high school cert from the diploma mill...and it will be even MORE meaningless than yours was!


Gen X- you guys love to tell us how you should smother us Boomers in our sleep (can't say I blame ya, given the doings of the older Boomers)... but another heads up: YOUR kids are gonna put YOU in a friggin wood chipper!

HAR HAR HAR!!! Have a nice day, everyone!!!

I Just Want Everyone To Know


I have an alibi…
But you were correct to suspect it!


Today’s EDC


Hmmmmmmmm… S&W, eh? I have to admit…I am out of my depth with pocket pistols. My only real interest in them is as a curio so I know nothing about them. I really like that Sig…P320, I think it is? I think Glock makes a good concealment gun too?  All I know is that I love the vids on Blab - where vibrant joggers and failed liberal social experiments try to prey on law abiding citizens…and end up getting shot for their troubles! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

I will never understand the liberal penchant to go soft on crime. Supposedly our faggot faced idiot of a prime minister wants self defence ruled out as a right here in Canada, and all his chicken headed female (and, I suppose, male) groupies line up in a row to agree with him. But then the women go flat out bonkers about rapists, and scream about how they should all be castrated with a dull knife and slowly tortured to death. It doesn’t occur to them that armed women don’t have to put up with rapists. Or child molestors. But… now that I think about it…liberal women often don’t care much for their kids either, I suppose.

I can take or leave the watch…but I do like the knife. That was my granddad’s brand of pocket knife. I just happened to see one under the glass counter at Lee Valley and bought it on impulse. My EDC knives are a small Kershaw lock back and a Leatherman… but whatever. For the life of me, I cannot explain what possessed me to buy it. I am not typically prone to impulse shopping, and I had and have no use for the knife…but I am still glad I bought it. The other day I sharpened a few pencils for the score cards at the archery club…but that is the only work it has ever really done. Nevertheless…I’m still glad to have it. Nostalgia and memories of absent friends and family can trigger foolish inefficiencies.


Discussions: Going Full Conspiritard


I know that back in the day we were all convinced as bow hunters that deer could see in parts of the spectrum that humans couldn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be quackery today. We also had unscented body and laundry soap because we were convinced we could evade the deer’s sense of smell. There were scents available that smelled like the pee of a doe in heat. Skinbag used to wash his camo and then store it in a plastic bin with pieces of cut up green saplings.

I dunno how you Yanks do it. Getting in close for a sub-20 yard shot at a deer is much, much harder than most folks think. Then one day we went hunting with Flapz - and he shot a small buck at halitosis range after eating food that would gag a Texan or a billy goat! I am still insanely jealous and angry about it!!! Even after 20 years!!!

I suppose that with our gubbimint and the way it’s going…this kind of stuff will become favourite topics of debate and conversation round the campfire again soon…πŸ˜†πŸ‘

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