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Sunday, 29 January 2023

Sunday Ramble: Reconquista Deus Reclusiumae

In the depths of winter, with the wind howling outside and the temps diving back into February normals…spring teases and taunts. My blood has started moving again. Somehow I summoned the courage to confront my work bench. The Reclusium is stuffed to the rafters with the junk and plunder acquired after a lifetime of pack ratting and resulted in clutter and catastrophe. It’s not bad; it looks much worse than it actually is… it’s all just a matter of getting started and getting after it. 

Of course after I started cleaning I found a stash of arrows that Pete The Meat shoved down my gullet when he was cleaning out his own man cave. He had two dozen carbon arrows he didn’t need so he gave them to to me. They’re great arrows and only a master grump (like yours truly) can find anything to gripe about in it…but that boy learned from the best. Last year he needed some nocks - so I gave him all of mine because I didn’t use that type…and then a ton of fletch I went sour on too. There was a bunch of other junk I stuck him with too…and if I’m not careful… I’ll get it all back again! 

But… here in the real world… Pete was kind and generous, and I have two dozen super light 3D arrows. They come blazing off my bow at very high speed and fly straight and true too. I’ll shoot them through paper and microtune before the tournaments begin. Y’know I was going to start doing 3D tournaments again a couple years back… but then the faggotry invented Chinkypox and they all got called off. 

FFS I hate Canada. Are you an RC plane flyer? Screw you, you’re grounded. Why? Because NavCanada says so!!! When can I fly again? When we say so, peasant! Don’t be a Nazi!!! Fine, I’ll just shoot my guns at the range… Oh no, you won’t!!! We are banning your guns!!! Don’t be a homophobe!!! Okay! Can I go to church? No! Christians are racists and haters! We should have shut the churches down for good during the scamdemic!!! Ya know what? If Putler ever drops an atom bomb on Ottawa or Queerbec… I will go down to the bar and buy a round for the house. GRRRRRRRRRR…. But I digress. I am fedpoasting. Who cares what those assholes have to say about anything! HAR HAR HAR!  Next thing ya know the fags will try to ban bows too…

I have SO much stuff to get rid of…
but I will get there…

Round the end of January and the beginning of February I start getting cabin fever something fierce. I need to get out; have a campfire and get away from the city. Even if it’s just sleeping out in the truck after a supper of hot dogs over the campfire. I’m waiting on the next chinook.

So it was that with all that in mind … I was on JewTube and I found a certain young fella named Clay Hayes. This kid hunts with and makes self bows. Unlike some of the hunting channels … from what I’m seeing Clay is a real hunter. So many channels feature guys trying to pose as hunter/celebs. They hire guides, pay through the nose for the most current and up to date gear and equipment…and use the vids to flog their brands and show off to their fan bois.  It’s all about likes and subscribes… Often their efforts are little more than poorly made snuff films.

Clay goes out with guides too, from time to time, but most of his hunts are self guided. He gets skunked often, but it doesn’t slow him one iota. If the elk go down the valley, across the river and up the mountain slope covered in two feet of snow… Clay goes after them. Often he’ll get within halitosis range of the animals and kill them and then pack them out. He hunts hard and is an eccentric and fascinating kid. I think I’ll put him up on the toilet roll. I like the way he thinks and lives.  Gawd…another rabbit hole: how’d you like to make and hunt with your own bow? You can! All it takes is time and money…neither of which I seem to have anymore. Maybe in the next life…? 

I hope y’all are having a great Sunday, and that you have something fun lined up for the family. For me…it’s time for some pre-spring cleaning and mundane chores. Keep ya stick on the ice and keep the family close and warm.


Time for the Sunday Morn Sportsman!

Filmed in Filthievision!!!
A flintlock elk hunt? How great is that!?!?
He’s a beardo!


  1. The range, just like the pub, are dying on the vine. I will never set foot in either as they went all in on the coof restrictions. An Deep forested canyon echoes with the sound of freedom unpinned, and in the evening, around the small fire will be enjoyed an cigar and homemade hooch to top off Dutch oven chili!

    Chutes Magoo

  2. Some of these Yahoos who think they can survive on hunting alone need to see this. Its a long hard tine and energy consuming endeavor.

  3. Yes sir Clay has a great channel,he won Alone , that show by the same name on the history channel. He’s the real deal as far as bow building and hunting for sure.
    Mr Filthie you can build your own bow from wood at the lumber yard and a ferriers rasp, I’ve built some great shooters from red oak board’s and it’s cheap , well the board might be a little high but what it takes to do is pretty cheap and if you get one to shooting stage and you haven’t heard a “crack” man you will truly find the joy of archery every single shot!

    Mr Todd

  4. Well supplied with primers, I see. Good man.