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Saturday, 28 January 2023

The Broken Hearted


Poor Mort.
He is a widower now.

There is nothing you can do for the broken hearted.
Except maybe to be there with them while they heal.


  1. I think it hits them a lot harder than it does us. after our good girl Ziva passed on. good boy Slim was lost. he just was not the same without
    her around. his health went down hill fast and 13 months later he took the last trip to the vet. I think you should get mort a buddy.
    we both wished we did that for Slim. big goofy roadie. all 110 pounds of him. he loved kids. any kids.

  2. a new buddy will snap him out of it, sooner or will be good clean fun for all
    good luck on the search

  3. Cutie pie!

    Chutes Magoo

  4. Yes another dogbuddy! Poor fella.
    Best on his healing.