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Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Via Blab


Blab gets seriously hard to take sometimes. It’s all outrage, all the time. Some cunned stunt politico is upset that parents are introducing legislation that makes tranny grooming of children illegal… so she introduces a bill trying to forbid child access to churches. Four black baboon cops gang up on another monkey and beat him to death…but it’s still white racism, dontchya know… of course it is. How can it be anything else? Your blood pressure can get away from you if you let it. You have to remember that it’s all just WWF wrestling and/or kabuki theatre. In the real world? Try banning kids from churches, you odious carbunkle - see what happens. Here in the real world we can see the difference between taking your family to church and letting our pedos groom our children. A black chimp-out kills one of ‘em? Give them all a medal! My rights are not violated one iota by ape-on-ape violence.

Then stuff like this pops up…and being at Gab suddenly seems worthwhile. Everyone screams about the price of eggs. THAT is far more important than big city feral noggers and shitlib harridans! Y’know I have been threatening my neighbours for years with backyard chickens…but they are all retards too and only encourage me. In the past I was an expert home brewer. I could put up 5 cases of beer for the price of one factory one…and have a ton of fun doing it. I am looking at growing my own tobacco…and I will almost certainly fail the first time…but I’ll get it. I know where to go to ask experts the questions.

This is the true redemption of Blab. How many things can we do for ourselves…that we haven’t thought of? How many people out there are asking the same question? I suspect that when you strip away the outrages, the lunacy and tard fights…there’s all kinds of opportunities to enrich our souls, and starve those of the people vying for our attention and trying to draw us into their own hellscapes. Blab, Bookface, and Twatter are tools…it’s up to you to use ‘em right.

It’s good to keep an eye on the vipers, we will eventually have to deal with them at some point…but there are other things we can do too, rather than getting mad at them and wasting our energy trying to reason with them. 

Become ungovernable. Make it a hobby. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


  1. Chickens are easy. We have neighbors with chickens so we barter the scraps, greenhouse cuttings plus wood shop shavings (for their goat bedding) for the eggs.
    I was considering rabbits for meat but I'm afraid the grandkids would start giving names to the damn things.
    I'm not as worried as I used to be about the ignorant hoardes. I think most will simply kill each other off. Out here in the middle of nowhere we can survive just fine.

  2. I started keeping chickens around seven years back. They're fairly low maintenance birds. Give 'em food and water, and spend five minutes a week cleaning out the coop once every week or two, and the hens are happy. I'm sitting at seventeen hens and two roosters right now. Wintertime egg production sucks, but summertime's is worth it. If you're going to get hens, get at least three or four. If you're in the 'burbs, DON'T get a rooster. 'Can't get much easier than that... Fresh eggs have a difference you can TASTE. The ones you're getting at the store are at least a month old!

    TOBACCO??? In the Great White North??? What ARE you smoking, Glen?...

    1. years back they where growing it in Sweden inside of greenhouses. if they can do it, so can you.
      tobacco seeds are for sale online too. cutting and hanging it is a pain in the ass though. summers in eastern KY. as a kid.
      if you can grow veggies, you can grow your own tobacco.
      it does need a lot of sun though.

  3. Yes, they are tools and can be used for good or ill. Like guns I suppose. I thank you for paying attention to them so that I don't have to. I won't touch them directly, but I appreciate knowing what's out there so that I won't be blindsided by events. I keep looking for portals to screen the interwebs for me; I don't have time to read a gazillion pages a day. Now we've lost Don Surber, as he's shut down the blog and gone to Substack. Nothing particular against that platform except that I don't want to be cluttering up my email with daily posts. I am following Dr's Malone and McCullough on Substack as they are champion warriors in the fight against the Covid psyops machine.

  4. Some wag said- "Chickens die after sex. At least the ones I screwed did." Pervert. Was that CederQ?

  5. Kept chickens for 17 years till I sold my house back in September, I miss it. Yes, fed some not much from tractor supply, I will never shop their again.

    Bear Claw

  6. glen get a group together and teach brewing
    maybe a group member will have a skill he can teach
    tobacco==grow lights and set them out in big pots in summer?

  7. Maybe Glen would share his brewing knowledge on his blog and teach us a thing or two. Brewing would be a good skill to have. I am definitely up for a tutorial.